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NPI’s Career Track Development Plan™



Certified Posture Specialist™
» Certified Resistance Training Professional™
» Certified Goniometry Specialist™
  Career Development Programs:
» Personal Fitness Training Certificate

Fitness Business Management Certificate


Older Adult Fitness Training Certificate


Women's Fitness Training Certificate

  Nutrition Specialization Certificate Programs:

Functional Nutrition Certificate


Sports Nutrition and Performance Certificate


Family Nutrition Certificate


School Nutrition and Wellness Certificate


NPI’s Career Track Development Plan™ is a combination of specialized educational programs and career offerings designed to enhance a current candidate’s ability to succeed as health/medical/fitness professional in a variety of settings. 

Historically, the fitness/health/medical profession has offered its practitioners few career advancement opportunities. Skilled professionals who want to advance must move into management, the educational arena, sales, or consulting because there is no route for them to follow in the practical and clinical environment.

In order to seek greater professional opportunities, NPI has developed a formal career pathway in the practical, clinical, and educational environment. By following these pathways, fitness and health professionals can move into increasingly higher levels of responsibility, authority and autonomy. The Career Track Development Plan has three distinct levels of opportunities, responsibilities, and designations:  NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist™ Certificate Program prepares the personal trainer/instructor, fitness and allied health/medical professionals to assess and educate their clients/patients in all areas of posture and body alignment.

  • NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist™ Program prepares the trainer/instructor, fitness and allied health/medical professionals to assess and educate their clients/patients in all areas of posture and body alignment. 

Successfully completing all CPS course work, quizzes, and final examination allows the candidate to earn the Certified Posture Specialist™ (CPS) designation.  The certificate program tests the candidate’s teaching ability, knowledge, skill level, and understanding of the NPI’s Posture Assessment and Correction System™, business concepts, and professionalism. By completing the program, the CPS may function as a professional to design exercise programs and perform assessments that are designed to teach posture and body alignment programs to clients/patients.  Certified Posture Specialist is also qualified to participate in two (2) other NPI educational programs: NPI’s Certified Resistance Training Professional™ and NPI’s Certified Ergonomic and Health Specialist™.  By completing these two (2) additional certificate programs, the candidate will receive NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist-Public Educator™ designation.

  • NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist- Public Educator™ designation prepares a current Certified Posture Specialist to expand his or her role to teach additional public posture programs and creates opportunities to present NPI’s library of health and wellness presentations to companies and organizations. 

An additional designation the CPS can achieve after becoming an NPI-CPS Public Educator is completing all course work, quizzes, and exams in NPI’s Certificate in Fitness Business Management Program.  By completing this certificate program, the candidate will receive NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist-Director™ designation.

  • NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist-Directordesignation prepares a career pathway to expand a professional’s opportunities and responsibilities to become a site Director, teacher, and trainer of all NPI programs, courses, and workshops.

Career pathways, such as those presented above, benefit a professional in three ways. First, they foster continued professional development. Second, they encourage longevity in a field by providing individuals with tangible rewards for pursuing additional education or credentialing. And finally, they promote recruitment into a field, because most people are attracted to careers that will present them with opportunities to grow and expand.

As the fitness and health profession attempts to recruit and retain larger numbers of people, the lack of a practical and clinical career path has become an obstacle. Many potential recruits may be deterred from pursuing the profession because they believe a career in personal training or other fitness/health profession leads nowhere. To overcome this perception, NPI has developed realistic career pathways both at the facility/company level and within the profession.

Development of a True Career Path-Following a Professional “Blueprint”

The fitness/health/medical profession has much to gain from the incorporation of NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist career advancement structure. Providing additional career advancement opportunities in fitness/health arena will lead to enhanced job satisfaction, enhanced self-esteem and professional confidence, increased employee morale within their department or company, and increased recognition of the role of the CPS. Each of these factors will boost the profession's efforts to recruit new students, candidates, and to retain skilled professionals.

NPI’s Career Track Development Organizational Chart provides the pathway of each program.  Click here to view the organizational chart

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