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NPI Certified Resistance Training Professional™ (NPI-RTP) Certificate

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The online NPI-Certified Resistance Training Professional™ (NPI-RTP) Certificate Program is designed for personal trainers, group exercise instructors (Aerobic/Strength/TRX/Pilates/Yoga etc…), athletic trainers, allied medical professionals (physical therapists/chiropractors) interested in learning a detailed process to teach, analyze, and perfect resistance training exercises/movements for their clients/patients. Whether you are a fitness/health professional, college student, or individual from the general public; learn how to perform biomechanically safe and effective resistance exercises and develop training programs to correct posture and body alignment and avoid exercise-related injuries!

Certificate Objectives:

  • Learn to choose and teach the safest exercise movement for specific muscle groups based on physiological, neurological, and biomechanical principles
  • Learn the proper method to teach, demonstrate, and grade/rank an exercise movement using NPI’s Exercise-Movement Grading System™
  • Learn how to develop observation, evaluation, educational, and feedback strategies
  • Learn the 3 phases of biomechanical/scientific analysis to perform resistance training exercises using free weights, cable/selectorized machines, body weight exercises, stability balls, exercise tubing, etc…
  • Learn how to sequence and select the best exercises to enhance a client’s/patients posture and body alignment using NPI’s Exercise Training Matrix™
National Posture Institute Certified Resistance Training Professional™ (RTP)


In this Certificate Program, you will receive:

  • Full Access to the Online Certificate Program Site for three (3) months
  • 7-DVDs* (11 Hours), includes, exercise design for Chest/back/shoulders/arms/legs/trunk/core
  • Prepare you to take the Final Certificate Exam online
  • Printable handout(s) that include NPI’s Exercise-Movement Grading System™ and NPI’s Exercise Training Matrix™
  • Prepare you to take the Final Certificate Exam online


*Free Shipping is valid on standard U.S. ground shipping to U.S. delivery addresses in the 48 continental states only. Not valid for international delivery addresses or Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, P.O. Boxes, and APO/FPO addresses. Please allow 3-7 business days for your order to be shipped.

*International Shipping: For international delivery addresses (outside the United States) or Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, and APO/FPO addresses, please fill in this International Shipping Request Form (International Shipping Charges may apply after the initial sale)


Format of Online Program:

  • This program is a self-paced, online distance education certificate
  • The Online Certificate program can be completed in the convenience of your own home, office, or classroom
  • You have three (3) months of unlimited individual access to complete the certificate course
  • Prerequisites: It is recommended that you are a current Certified Posture Specialist™, or have a personal training/fitness certification, or are a graduate/current student with a degree in exercise science, fitness, athletic training, physical therapy, or other related allied health/medical field
  • Access courses from any Web browser
  • Allows you to progress at your own pace through the online format

Format of Examination & Certificate :

  • Receive a minimum of 70% to pass the Examination and graduate (Examination is automatically graded for immediate results)
  • Graduates will receive a Certificate via email upon successfully completing the online program and passing the Examination
  • If you fail to pass the final examination, you can retake the examination for an additional $99

Online Program Requirements:

  • A computer with email and internet connection
  • Online students/clients should have basic computer knowledge

Our Refund Policy:  Once you receive the access procedures for the course(s)/program(s) you registered for, NO refunds will be accepted.


The information obtained from the Resistance Training Program has helped me structure and develop safe and challenging programs for my clients. I have become more acute at recognizing postural deviations and learning to correct them before potential injuries can occur. Thank you Ken and associates for providing a wonderful resource that gives me the confidence to take my career to the next level. - Patricia Tatem from Indian Trail, NC, NPI-Certified Posture Specialist (CPS), Fitness Director/Plantation Estates ACTS Retirement Communities

NEWS: LEARN to perform resistance exercises using biomechanically designed handles/bars from TrakFitness

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