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Corporate Wellness programs

NPI’s Corporate Wellness Program helps employers by providing individualized programs designed to educate and train both employers and employees to be safe at work and while at home.  NPI focuses on teaching employees the following:

  1. How to perform specific job tasks biomechanically correct to be injury free whether your company’s employees are office workers or perform manual activities.  Each task is analyzed for optimal biomechanical performance to get any job completed in the safest manner.
  2. Specific exercise movements and stretches employees can perform every day that will reduce musculoskeletal injuries and cumulative trauma disorders such as back injuries, carpal tunnel, and neck strain.
  3. Educational programs that teach proper body mechanics to employees performing their tasks at work and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) while at home. 
  4. Ergonomic education and the selection of the best products to use at work including exercise equipment, Stand Up Desks, and Stability Balls.  NPI is the first organization to recognize the benefits of using a Stand-Up Desk while doing computer work at home or the office.  Learn how NPI can work with your company or organization to review and implement a complete ergonomic program using our creative ways to teach your staff to exercise and train their body using Stand Up Desks in combination with Treadmills, Bikes, Trampolines, Resistance/Flexibility Equipment, or Balance Boards. 

NPI thinks outside the box to implement corporate wellness programs that extend beyond the confines of the work-place, and also educates the employees to be safe in the home setting.  Our goal is to help employers reduce the upward trend toward double-digit increases in annual insurance expenses, worker’s compensations costs, and healthcare claims, while building a healthier, more productive workforce. 

NPI’s Corporate Wellness Program first focuses on assessing a company’s healthcare claims and insurance expenses. After the initial evaluation process is completed, NPI identifies the best wellness programs for each department of the company and develops a specialized plan to correct each area.  NPI next focuses on the assessment of each employee in the following areas:

Employee Assessments:

  • NPI- Multidimensional Task Ability Profile (MTAP) Functional Testing-is a computer-administered test to determine an employee’s Total Functional Capacity based on their ability to perform a number of various Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Posture and Body Alignment Assessments
  • Specific job task analysis

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After all initial assessments are completed; NPI presents the findings to the management team.   NPI then organizes a company-wide implementation plan for each department and employee.  NPI’s specialized educational programs teach employees to make sustainable and permanent lifestyle changes.

NPI’s Specialized Employee Educational Programs include the following:

  • NPI’s BackProtect™ Program- teaches the theory and “practical” component required to maintain a safe and healthy back to last a lifetime
  • NPI’s PostureStrong™ Program- teaches employees an easy to use and simple to remember posture analysis and correction program
  • NPI’s Total Lifestyle ErgoProgram- Ergonomics at work and home (job specific).  Includes ADL Education, Training and Performance.
  • NPI’s Education-Based Training™ (EBT™) Model-teaches employees to perform biomechanically safe and effective resistance training exercises and develop programs to avoid exercise-related injuries!

The National Posture Institute’s Corporate Wellness Program helps tie it all together, by providing a variety of assessment and educational programs that work for your company. In addition, we provide the above services in several different formats, helping to fit in most any budget constraints, and include: 

  • Onsite Assessments and Training
  • Online Webinars
  • Online Lectures and Educational Programs

Corporate Wellness programs have become an essential component for companies to succeed.  NPI’s Corporate Wellness Programs will help reduce health care costs, decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, decrease fatigue and increase overall health and ultimately contributing to your company’s success!

If you are interested in learning more about our corporate wellness program, please contact us at:

Email: info@npionline.org
Phone: 888-240-2914

Corporate Wellness
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