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College-University Partners

Our College-University Partners include 2 and 4 year universities as well as community college continuing education programs interested in partnering with NPI to provide their communities with the delivery of Web-based posture courses and Certificate programs for personal fitness trainers, allied health/fitness/medical professionals, and our Public Posture Programs.

We partner with the following 2 and 4 year college/university departments and learning institutions:

  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Colleges of Extended Studies
  • Schools of Adult and Career Learning
  • Colleges of Corporate and Community Services
  • Divisions of Business, Skills, and Industry Training
  • Schools of Distance Learning and Instruction
  • and Exercise Science/Health/Physical Education Departments

Below is a select list of partnered Colleges/Universities:

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Chicago State University


Community College of Philadelphia


Community College of Rhode Island


Delaware Technical and Community College


Jacksonville State University (Alabama)


Medina County Career Center (Ohio)


Norfolk State University (Virginia)


Northwest College (Wyoming)


Sam Houston State University (Texas)


Spring Lake Park (Minnesota)


State College of Florida


Thomas Edison State College


University of Tennessee, Martin







College or university faculty members or academic administrators interested in partnering with NPI to deliver our
courses and certificate programs, please send an email to edu@npionline.org and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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