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NPI-MTAP Functional capacity testing software





NPI- Multidimensional Task Ability Profile (MTAP) is a computer-administered test that was developed to help the professional determine their client’s Total Functional Capacity based on their clients’ ability to perform a number of various Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  This software, validated in research studies, allows professionals and facilities to track and quantify exercise program outcomes.  In addition, colleges/universities may use NPI-MTAP to conduct and lead research studies to validate exercise, rehab, or performance based programs.  In addition, if you are a researcher/faculty member interested in conducting a research study using NPI-MTAP, please contact us at info@npionline.org for more information.

NPI-MTAP assesses a wide range of activities of daily living ranging from self-care activities and light housekeeping, to heavy home maintenance, office ergonomics, and lawn/garden tasks. MTAP matches a person’s abilities that are performed on a daily basis and to the job demands of specific work categories identified by the US Department of Labor  CLICK HERE for details regarding insurance reimbursement billing/coding.

Advantages of NPI MTAP-Functional Capacity Software:

  • Research-based and Proven Functional Capacity Testing Software
  • Monitors the programs progress and tracks outcomes on a short-long term basis
  • Identifies, Measures, and Calculates a client’s/patients Total Functional Ability
  • Pinpoints Exercise  Performance or Rehab program Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Generate & Print Detailed Reports for Short & Long-Term Analysis


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Software Demo




Having the only proven software to actually measure functional capacity really separates you as a leading, cutting-edge professional.  The software identifies an individual’s functional deficiencies allowing the professional to design more “Functional Specific Programs” for your clients and patients.  Adding the software into your assessment profile will be a strong incentive for new members, clients, and patients to keep coming back to you.  


It does not matter whom you are working with- one constant goal is RESULTS!  NPI-MTAP shows and tracks FUNCTIONAL RESULTS!  Basic testing such as body fat percentage, anthropometric measurements, strength, and endurance just do not cut it anymore.  The ability to show functional progress in performing activities of daily living are the results your member/clients/patients want to see and feel! 


Utilizing NPI-MTAP is a researched-based process to track improvements in your client’s functional status.  By optimizing your clients/patients functional status-this will ultimately yield more clients, increased retention, and more revenue.  In a short matter of time your software will pay for itself proving only regret for not buying sooner.


Use NPI-MTAP software to conduct research and develop valid and reliable results.  Consider using NPI-MTAP if you are designing a research study measuring functional training program, exercise/strength/resistance training programs, flexibility/stretching programs, musculoskeletal system analysis, pain/injury evaluation, and performance of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  These are just a few of the topic areas that research studies could be used implementing NPI-MTAP to ensure data reliability and integrity. 


NPI-MTAP allows one to measure your clients/patients functional status in less than 15 minutes.  No more wasted time on unnecessary tools to measure functional capacity that will not compare to the results of MTAP.  Save your time and money through utilizing NPI-MTAP Assessment Software.


NPI-MTAP will determine your clients/patients total functional capacity while also indicating strengths and weaknesses.  Get instant test results and start designing optimal programs for your clients/patients.  Your clients will be able to track their results through the detailed progress reports you provide them.   More importantly-your clients will have improved functional capacity and start to perform activities of daily living safer and more effectively!!!



  • Downloadable Software via internet
  • Unlimited number of client/patient tests
  • Detailed and printable reports
  • FREE Technical Assistance year-round


NPI-MTAP Functional capacity testing software

Products Details

MTAP is accessible online from any computer with an internet connection. After you pay the initial $399 access fee, instructions will be sent to you which will include the steps required to access MTAP. To maintain access, there is a $39 yearly access renewal fee.


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