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HUR Ibalance

Computerized Balance Testing


The HUR iBalance System-Balance Testing Equipment allows for baseline testing, continued monitoring, and evaluation for developing posture, balance, functional, and performance training programs for clients/patients. HUR iBalance System comes in 3 versions so there is a solution for everyone's needs, and a price point that fits everyone's budget.  In order to develop a Posture and Balance Specialist Team at your facility, NPI is providing 1 complimentary Online Certified Posture Specialist™ Program Registration for your staff (this is a $499 value) for every iBalance System purchased.

  • Three Levels of Testing/Training Platforms
  • Computerized Posturography Testing - the "Gold Standard" in the clinical setting
  • Complete Flexibility - Our upgradeable systems allow for complete flexibility enabling you to afford the tools you need.
  • Regular Software Updates - So you always have the latest system with the most current data.
  • Functional Training Programs - Evaluate and confirm the functional training programs being designed are leading your clients/patients to improved balance, posture, and musculoskeletal balance.  

  • Help Prevent Falls - Create a true Fall Prevention Program to help prevent falls and increase your marketability.

To purchase any one of the above systems or for pricing information, please contact:

Email:  info@npionline.org



The iBalance Systems provides your clients with an understanding of what may be causing problems in their daily lives and also provides them with the tools to help alleviate certain conditions.  By providing potential or current clients with such valuable information, this will in turn increase new client obtainment and also current client retention.

In the health/fitness industry, being successful in part has to do with staying ahead of the curve.  This screening tool will provide your clients/patients with both qualitative and quantitative data they cannot get anywhere else. By adding this assessment tool to your overall program offerings will ultimately lead to a more satisfied client base, increasing overall retention.


Use the HUR iBalance System to conduct research and develop valid and reliable results. Consider using the HUR iBalance System if you are designing a research study measuring balance, stability, functional training programs, exercise/strength/resistance training programs, flexibility/stretching programs, musculoskeletal system analysis, pain/injury evaluation, and performance of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These are just a few of the topic areas that research studies could be used implementing the HUR iBalance System to ensure data reliability and integrity.

Conducting balance screenings only takes a few minutes and is a simple way to increase revenue. In addition, this software system comes with several pre-programmed games that are specifically designed to help improve a clients/patients balance and stability.  With all the knowledge this system provides to clients, it will pay for itself in a very short time!

Data Reports show test/training results for immediate feedback and motivation.  In addition you can compare test results to normative data in the system and monitor patients improvements/declines using our built in progress reports. All of this information is quick to access and provided in such a way that your clients/patients will easily be able to comprehend the results helping you to get to your training protocols quicker than ever. 

each ibalance system provides you with the ability to perform:
• Standardized Balance Testing
• Fall Risk Assessments
• Indication of Weakest Direction (Limits of Stability Test)


HUR ibalance system purchasing information

Purchasing Details

To purchase any one of the HUR iBalance Systems or for pricing information, please contact:

Reminder: You receive 1 complimentary Online Certified Posture SpecialistTM Program Registration for your staff (this is a $499 value) for every iBalance System purchased.

Email: info@npionline.org


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