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NPI-Exercise and Rehab clipart software

NPI-V2 Pro Exercise Clipart Software, provides you with more than 2200 pictures demonstrating resistance, weight, and strength training exercises and rehab movements to create great visual training programs for your clients and/or patients.

  • Provides over 2,200 detailed pictures and diagrams (see example exercise links below) of exercise options including free weights, cable/selectorized machines, body weight exercises, stability ball training, exercise tubing, and plyometric movements.
  • Printable Handouts to Individualize Exercise Programs-Specific to Clients & Patients
  • Promote your company or organization, you can personalize your exercise templates to include your company name and contact information
  • Multiple Excel and Word templates to create great visual training programs including exercises for the chest/back/shoulders/arms/legs/trunk/core


To purchase this downloadable software ($49):

Software Demo




NPI-V2 Pro offers you over 2,200 visual images to design customized programs specifically tailored to the individual client or patient.  Confusion can be eliminated, and proper execution of exercises can be attained through utilizing the excel and word templates. There are no limits to the variety of programs you can offer your athletes, students, clients, or patients.  Clients and patients will appreciate the complimentary visual aid that organizes each program per each exercise movement.


The templates allow the ability of each business or professional to brand their company name and contact information within the forms. In addition, it is easy to use and affords you a multitude of exercise program possibilities and templates to select from. Through integration of the software into your current programming model; you can take your exercise prescription to the next level that will aid in Retaining Clients and Ultimately Yield More Revenue!


NPI-V2 Pro includes over 1,700 Resistance Training exercises, 600 Stability Ball Exercises, 300 Core Exercises, 250 Flexibility Exercises, and 350 Rehabilitation Exercises.  With this large selection and ease of use, programming options can be expanded with different combinations to sustain your clients’ needs. 


NPI-V2 Pro effectively translates your exercise program into an easy-to-follow presentation for a client or patient to understand.   NPI’S Exercise Clipart Software helps the professional to “Educate Your Client” through a Step-by-Step process of program design through the use of visually appealing and customizable handouts.


View six example templates using the software for Back Flexibility, Core Training, Leg Flexibility, Leg Strength, Stability Ball Exercises and Posture:


  1. NPI-Leg Flexibility
  2. NPI-Core Training
  3. NPI-Back Flexibility
  4. NPI-Legs - Part 1
  5. NPI-Stability Ball Exercises
  6. NPI-Posture Handout


  • Allows Computer Accessibility after downloading the software
  • Technical Assistance
  • Printable Handouts/Documents



NPI-Exercise and Rehab clipart software

Products Details

The Clipart comes in a downloadable format. Includes more than:

  • 600 ball exercises
  • 300 abdominal exercises
  • 1700 strengthening exercises which include:
       free exercises, weight lifting, power lifting, and plyometry
  • 250 flexibility exercises
  • 350 rehabilitation exercises


Cost (USD) :  $49


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