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NPI Posture Pro Posture Analysis Software System


NPI’s Posture Pro Postural Assessment software (Latest Version NPI Posture Pro 8e) is the latest and most advanced postural analysis software.  NPI Posture Pro was the first digital posture system available and has continued to be the best.  This indispensable health-screening tool provides professionals the ability to quantitatively document a client/patients posture providing unparalleled analysis.  The capabilities of the software extend beyond a detailed postural analysis including:

  • Posture Number™ - Only NPI Posture Pro has it. Based on a posture scoring system, a client or patients posture is calculated to provide their Total Posture Number which helps keep track of any improvements/relapses of posture over time
  • AutoDetect - automatically performs a posture screening or exam
  • Effects of Time - Posture is NOT self-correcting. Show clients-patients what they might look like over time without performing posture correction exercises
  • Loss of Height Calculations due to poor posture
  • Additional Spine Forces Measurement - Explains the extra stresses from poor posture
  • Quick Compare - Quickly compare current and past posture exams
  • Posture Pro is the most popular posture analysis system in the world. Over 11,000 installations and growing!

In order to develop a Posture Specialist Team at your facility, NPI is providing 1 complimentary Online Certified Posture Specialist™ Program Registration (this is a $399 value) for every Posture Pro software purchased.

To purchase this software No Longer Available
To purchase Extra Installs No Longer Available

Software Demo

Posture Pro is the most popular posture analysis system in the world. Over 11,000 installations and growing!


As a screening tool, NPI Posture Pro provides a compelling reason for a potential client/patient to come into your facility. Posture Pro helps an individual understand the nature of the problem and the length of time it takes to make physical changes. Providing this service can distinguish your business and offering yourself or facility the competitive advantage to increase your member base.

Being the latest in health assessment technology, the screening tool will provide your clients/patients with visual and quantitative data of the current and future state of their posture. Through printable comparison reports and graphs the assessments can display results needed to ultimately boost your retention rates.

Conducting postural screens is simple way to increase revenue. Providing postural screens to members can provide a quick solution to generate money. The software will essentially pay for itself!

Through a fast and easy to use interface, a client or patient can receive visual screening results in less than one minute. From a snap of a picture, to a flawless import to the computer, results can be viewed, emailed and printed to save you time and money!


The assessment delivers essential feedback to accurately design individualized programs to meet a client or patients specific needs. This advanced assessment will help yield the most advanced results through detail, precision, and accuracy with every analysis. The latest version Posture Pro 8e includes advanced drawing tools to annotate analysis and stress screens AND to perform Range of Motion exams, and other image analysis.


  • Download to one computer with unlimited access
  • A 45-minute video training

  • Technical Assistance
  • A review training upon request (an expert will get on your computer remotely to check your progress with using the program)

  • Lifetime Support and Updates


I Posture Pro Software System

Products Details

Posture Pro was the FIRST digital posture system available and has continued to be the best. Once you pay the initial fee of $849, you are able to download our software to any one computer with unlimited access. We work hard to make sure our software is as up to date as possible!

NPI Posture Pro Software

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