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The Number One Reason Why Specializing in Posture Is a Guaranteed Win


It’s amazing how many people are still suffering from posture related problems. What’s even worse is they don’t realize many of the problems they’re experiencing are related to their poor body alignment habits. Whenever the word posture comes up people usually sit up and adjust their bodies in a way they feel is befitting. However, what happens when you don’t mention it?


The Number One Reason Why Specializing in Posture Is a Guaranteed Win


Simply put, when people don’t think about their posture they become accustomed to all the wrong positions. You probably caught yourself slouching as you read this. Was your neck hanging over, or were you in a precarious position? It happens and believe it or not, these poor habits prolonged over time can cause serious problems.


Millions of Americans suffer from lower back pain; others are suffering from neck and shoulder pain, and have tight muscles and stretched ligaments as a result of years of consistently bad posture. If you’re curious as to why specializing in posture is a guaranteed win for your career path, it’s simply because it’s an area that gets neglected because we aren’t paying enough attention to it.


Think about that for a second, posture correction and education services are in dire need and it’s not an area where most professionals are focusing their time. Think also about how easy it is to fall prey to this issue. It’s far too easy to slip up and slump over, but few if any are exploring the roots of the problems before the pain even sets in. All the sitting is harmful to our health, but coupled that with poor posture it makes the problem far worse.


Do you sit for more than 8 hours daily? Do you think your clients or people around you do the same? It’s easy, and easy is a word I keep using because I want you to understand how important this is and how much it’s neglected. You may sit for all your meals, you may very well sit at work, and you definitely sit on the ride to and from work, and there’s a good chance that you’re in poor alignment through most of your day. If you can admit that you might be guilty of this then imagine how this must be for some of your current and future clients.


You can’t lose specializing in posture correction because there are thousands of people who absolutely need your help. They’re sitting daily and have terrible back pain; they’re lurching their heads and necks over to read articles about their pain problems, but can’t identify what’s caused them in the first place. They spend thousands on pills and products to try to ease the pain, but don’t realize the part they play in its creation.


That’s why the National Posture Institute takes so much time to try to educate professionals on posture and body alignment. It’s not just a belief, it’s a guarantee that thousands of people are suffering with little to no relief and health professionals aren’t prepared and aren’t addressing this area from a behavioral standpoint. Medication and rest tends to be the go-to cures, but those are temporary. If the problem isn’t identified the cycle will continue until they somehow figure it out or require surgery.


I hope I’ve made an impact on you. My point boils down to the fact that fitness and health professionals need to tap into posture. They need to analyze, educate, and correct if they want to create major change in their communities. Naturally, this can be a source of income for those wise enough to walk the path, so why not tap into it now?


There’s also something to be said about exercise and good alignment. How many people are secretly setting themselves up for a major injury because they’re performing techniques in poor alignment? Sure, the form might look correct by normal standards but the trained posture specialist can identify, educate, and adapt the technique for a safer experience.


As a posture specialist, the journey feels never ending because there’s so much to do be done. From children right up to seniors, it’s a field that needs attention. There are so many areas to focus on, but maintaining proper posture while exercising is a great start. For that, I suggest you see our resistance training program. Remember, you need to analyze, educate, and correct if you want to create major change in your community, this program will equip you with the tools to do just that.


You can check out our NPI-Certified Resistance Training Professional™ program here >>

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