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Weight Belt Survey Result

Following an article we published regarding weight belts last year, we conducted a brief survey on the subject because we wanted to know what the public thought about them. We’re proud to present the results of that survey and discuss what we found.


When asked if weight belts were still necessary, 59% said “No”. However, when asked if weight belts should be used, respondents had mixed views. Many stated that a weight belt should be used for heavy lifting or during Olympic style lifts while others believe it shouldn’t be used or should only be used with proper supervision.


Should the fitness industry educate people on when to use weight belts, 88% of respondents said “Yes”. Respondents unanimously agreed (100%) that education on the use of proper alignment when lifting was necessary, but had mixed views about needing a weight belt if more knowledge on proper posture was taught. Of those responses, 56% said “No”, while 44% said “Yes”.


While opinions remain mixed, everyone agreed that proper alignment is necessary. Some won’t recommend them, but many still feel they’re necessary for heavy lifts and keep the person aligned properly. Others disagree and feel the belts are unnecessary and provide a false sense of security.


We’re thankful for everyone that participated in the survey. As promised, if you participated you were entered into a giveaway. We’re proud to present the winner of the giveaway:


Congratulations Mark Fox from Memphis, TN, who just won BraceAbility Posture Corrector Upper Back & Shoulder Support Brace.




Be ready for more opportunities to win great prizes in the future as usual. We encourage you to keep making the world better through the work you do with others.

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