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NPI Certified Professional™ Profile - Julie Anne McGready

The National Posture Institute prides itself on the work its certified professionals do for their clients/patients and communities. In this article we want to share the experience of one of our NPI-Certified Posture Specialists and her client. Julie Anne McGready and her client Chris Dollinger have worked together for some time and we were able to interview them about the work they do together.

The National Posture Institute would like to thank all our certified professionals for the work they do and we hope this example will inspire more fitness and allied-health/medical professionals to consider becoming more educated about posture, body alignment, and becoming an expert in teaching resistance training exercises to correct posture.

Interview of NPI-Certified Posture Specialist Julie Anne McGready and her client Chris Dollinger

1. How long have you been an NPI CPS Julie?

Since January 2014

2. What are the most difficult client postural problems you've had to work with?

Shoulders and elbows have got to be the most stubborn body parts to realign. You have to teach clients how to separate the two, and they must do their homework for this to be successful.  I have found that no matter what other areas of the body are misaligned, it does not compare to the difficulty that the shoulders and elbows present.

3. What's the most fulfilling part of your role as a CPS?

To me, the most fulfilling part is providing the highest level of service that you can to your clients. No matter what the exercise, you are teaching it in the safest manner, and ultimately, providing your clients with education and strength gains that they cannot achieve from typical personal training services.

4. What's the most frequent postural deviation you've encountered?

The entire body, unless you have been trained by a CPS.  I have found that virtually everyone has postural deviations – forward head (varying degrees), rounded shoulders, rounded/weak upper back, lateral deviations in the spine, locked knees (most clients), weak abdominals, bent elbows, and uneven weight distribution (standing stance). 

5. What population/group do you work with most often?

My clients range from 49 to 84 years of age!

6. What reactions have you received from clients/patients about the work you did with them?

Most of my clients have been with me for a long time, and sessions were ½ hour and 45 minutes long, which was not enough time to create quick changes. It took roughly 3 months and a lot of patience before they actually ‘got it’. Performing resistance exercises in the 4 Points of Posture and practicing this outside of the gym is very difficult when you’ve been used to performing in a different way for years. I had goose bumps when all of a sudden, client after client announced (all about the same time), ‘I get it, I finally get it. It’s been a pain in the butt, however, I can feel a big difference!’ Even my toughest clients (to educate) have thanked me after they have realized the strength benefits that they are now experiencing. 

7. How does it make you feel to be a NPI-CPS?

Becoming an NPI-CPS has given me a feeling of completeness as a fitness professional. By following the protocols and systems that NPI delivers, I am assured that my clients are receiving a service that definitely feels more complete, mentally as well as physically.

8. How do you think your clients feel about their posture now that you've worked with them?

They can feel and see the difference in how good posture plays a role in their strength, health, appearance, and confidence. The other fun side effect is that they develop an ‘eye’ and start seeing the poor posture of others. One of my clients actually yelled at another personal trainer about their poor posture! Then I’ve got clients ‘spying’ on other clients in church, etc., to see if they have their ‘pencil’ in. They all have come to the same conclusion, good posture is well worth it! 

Chris Dollinger - Julie Anne McGready's Client

1. How long have you been working with your Certified Posture Specialist (CPS)?

I believe that my initial evaluation was 3/23, so about 4 months.

2. How did your muscles, body, and joints feel before starting with your CPS and how do you feel now?

In general my body was stiff and I did not move with ease or grace.  Many days I awoke with aches, particularly in my lower back.  I have arthritis in my knees, and my left knee in particular was giving me pain and ‘buckling’ almost daily. Since working with Julie Anne, I am much more limber, and can move around much more easily and without struggle or pain.  The pain and buckling issues with my left knee are now very rare.

3. How do you feel about your relationship with your CPS?

We have an open, excellent relationship. I am able to share with her how my body is responding and how I feel.  Having spent more than 50 years with significant body image issues, I am excited and proud of how my body looks, due to the way that she has trained me and worked with me to improve my posture and also the benefits of exercise while in the proper posture. I can see the difference between my routine and those of clients working with other trainers who are not CPS’s, and my results are far surpassing theirs.

4. How do you feel overall now that you've taken steps toward improving your posture?

I feel 30 years younger!

5. What improvements, if any, have you made on your posture?

I am very aware of working to maintain proper posture.  I have reorganized my desk space at work and at home so that I can sit properly. When standing or walking, I find myself realizing when I am not in proper posture and correct my stance.

6. Do you feel that your posture has improved your ability to perform daily activities and exercises?


7. What has been the most fulfilling part of your journey?

The change in my body has given my self-image a tremendous boost. I am enjoying compliments from family, friends and colleagues. But most of all, as I am looking toward the last third of my life, I feel more healthy and ready to enjoy my later years with adventures that I previously might not have even considered.




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