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NPI Posture Grids™

NPI Posture Grids™ are essential for assessing and correcting a clients posture.

We provide two different types of posture grids perfect for posture assessment and correction both grids work great with NPI's Posture Pro Postural Analysis Software.  Both grids come with an Instructional Posture Grid BONUS video (75 mins/filmed in HD) and 4 Downloadable Assessment Documents included with purchase!

For more information or to purchase, click on your grid of choice below:


Posture Grid with Grommets
National Posture Institute Posture and Body Alignment Grid with Grommets

Posture Grid™ with Grommets

& Bonus Online Instructional Video


Easily hangs on most any wall
This 36” x 84” Posture Grid is printed on a special lightweight durable/flexible vinyl with Grommets already inserted and is easy to hang. The grid is comprised of eight major horizontal lines and one vertical line that are surrounded by two inch squares. This grid was specially designed to provide rapid visual cues of an individual’s posture to aid in correcting postural deviations and educating clients and/or patients on proper posture.
Posture Grid with Retractable Stand
National Posture Institute Posture and Body Alignment Grid with Retractable Stand

Posture Grid™ with Retractable Stand

& Bonus Online instructional video


Easily sets up most anywhere
Take this posture grid anywhere. To a conference/presentation, health club, outside events or as a mobile grid in your health/fitness/medical facility. The 33" x 78" Posture Grid is printed on special lightweight durable/flexible vinyl. Initial set up takes only a few minutes, with regular set up in about 30 seconds. Just pull up the posture banner and attach to the support rod.


NPI Posture Grid™ Demo Video

Posture Grid & Goniometer
» Posture Grid Overview
» Grid w/ Grommets
» Grid w/ Retractable Stand
» Goniometer (12.5")
» Goniometer (8.5")

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