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Handle Bar Balance System for our Trampolines (39" Frames)

Trampoline Sold Separately

Fits 39" Frame Fitness Trampoline, textured black



Product Description

The Handle Bar Balance System for 39" Frames is specially designed for the Fitness Trampoline. It provides additional stability for practicing balance training programs, increased safety, and the ability to do dynamic upper-body workouts. In addition, the handle bar system allows for additional support needed for those rehabbing their lower body or for individuals that require more confidence while exercising.   It is flush-fitting and ultra-sturdy with 6 adjustable height settings (from 30" to 40" above the mat), a padded handle and wide legs for superior frame stability.



  • Additional jumper stability
  • Increased safety
  • Upper-body workouts
  • Frame stability allows for a wide variety of exercises


  • Flush-fit, ultra-sturdy handle
  • 6 adjustable height settings
  • Padded handle for comfort
  • Wide legs provide unmatched frame stability


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Handle Bar Balance System (39" Frames)


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