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Why You Need to Drop Any Guilt or Shame If You Binged During Your Holiday


With Thanksgiving officially over it’s time to slowly creep back into the usual routine. This means work and whatever dietary plan you’ve been on before the holiday season. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for this season knowing that it’s filled with all kinds of festivities and fun treats. However, despite having enjoyed the holiday there may be some lingering emotions about what and how much you consumed.


[National Posture Institute] Why You Need to Drop Any Guilt or Shame If You Binged During Your Holiday


Do you ever eat more than your fill? Most people do this during gatherings and events. It’s difficult to stay strict when there’s so much delicious food sitting in front of us. It’s equally challenging when someone is asking you to try their dish, or to take another serving of that pie you told yourself you’d only have one slice of earlier. It happens, but you shouldn’t feel ashamed about it.


You may be tempted to think about your weight and whatever steps backward you may have taken after the Thanksgiving. If you’re telling yourself how fat you look, or checking to see if you still fit into your favorite pants I suggest you stop. This guilt or shame you feel isn’t helpful or healthy to your overall success in life. Those feelings usually lead to behaviors and problems that are unpleasant and could possibly have lasting impacts. It’s natural to struggle with these emotions especially if you’re feeling self-conscious.


My point here is there’s no benefit in feeling ashamed if you overate or binged during these gatherings. While it isn’t the healthiest of things to do, it isn’t going to set you back as far as you think. You don’t have to run forever on the treadmill or do thousands of burpees to regain that figure you think you’ve lost.


Stop being so hard on yourself; I want to emphasize that the best way to get back on track is to simply go back to your routine. This is not the end of the journey or the beginning of a wrong turn in the road, this is life and in life you’re going to have hiccups and moments where you’ll fall off your proverbial bike. This is the time where you get back on and start pedaling slowly before picking up speed. In essence, you just have to keep moving forward.


If you’re feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or self-conscious because you, the trainer and exemplar, shouldn’t have pigged out then you’re forgetting you’re human and prone to the same mistakes as the clients you train. Speaking about your clients, they’re probably thinking about this too. They’re going to need some coaching of their own to know that they just need to get back into their eating and exercise program.


Don’t guilt trip your clients and don’t guilt trip yourself about the Thanksgiving binge. More holidays and gatherings await and you’ll probably be tempted to eat more than usual. When that times comes you may feel guilty all over again, but hopefully you’ll think back to this article and remember to give yourself a chance to be human.


Fine, it’s easier said than done. You still want to be healthy despite the unhealthy eating. It’s completely understandable; what works best to get back on track is ensuring you’re detoxing your body naturally by skipping junky foods and treats, and getting plenty of rest and water. Eat your leafy greens, fruits, and healthy sources of carbohydrates and proteins. Exercise on a regular basis but no more than you’d normally do it.


Let me touch on something I mentioned earlier; you don’t need to exercise more or starve yourself to make up for what you ate. You need to steadily work your way back into your routine. If you think you need to add healthier alternatives to what you’re currently consuming then go for it, but do so because you want to be healthier not because you feel guilty.


While I don’t usually do follow ups, I thought it was appropriate because someone reading this article may need to know that it’s ok to fall down and it’s easier to get back up. Seek the right support if this is on your mind regularly and be easy with yourself, you’re only human.


I’m still in the festive mood and will continue to be so throughout this wonderful season. I want to share our Free Webinar on how you can profit using posture assessments. Posture is slowly becoming more recognized, but still so many are unaware about its importance. Jump on this early and start creating changes for those who need it the most.


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