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Why Products Are Insufficient for Fixing Posture and What You Need Instead


Ever so often you’ll see an advertisement that targets people with a pain problem. The issue is often related to lower back or neck pain and the product is promising a remedy. It may be a balm or something you need to wear or use while working or performing daily activities. It’s common to see these ads these days since so many are suffering.


[National Posture Institute] Why Products Are Insufficient for Fixing Posture and What You Need Instead


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but millions of Americans and people all around the world are suffering from lower back and neck pain. Believe it or not, both are posture related issues, but so many are unaware of this and don’t know what’s causing the problems or how to remedy them. It’s no wonder then that so some companies have created products to help alleviate symptoms.


Do these products work? Are they a waste of time? Are they in some way doing more harm than good? These questions aren’t easily answered; these products may work for some over others and might seem like a great investment. It’s difficult to tell someone who’s felt relief after applying cream X to their lower back that the product is a waste of time.


Before responding to the next question, let’s dive into the big question at hand: Why aren’t these products enough to fix posture? It’s because they’re either not geared toward fixing posture or they don’t handle the reasons why the problem has developed in the first place. Think about this for a moment, by rubbing cream X on the lower back it will bring temporary relief, the pain subsides for a time but the symptoms will return and the underlying reasons for the problem are left unaddressed.


The buyer will need to keep purchasing the product if they want continued relief, but they will never understand what lead to the dilemma in the first place. Some will interpret this as somewhat misleading, but many of the products do in fact state that they’re just for relief. They can’t and won’t fix the problem long term, but they will make you feel better for right now.


There are pain relieving products and actual gear. Gear that promises to fix posture isn’t far from the mark. The difference is they usually help the wearer mind their posture, aim to correct by providing cues, or they keep the body in a fixed position. While this is great as an aid, it isn’t enough. What about the actual issue? How did we get here in the first place? And what caused the lower back pain?


We’ve grown a little lazy; quite frankly, some of the people using these products will never overcome these problems and they’ll be quick to jump on the next one without investing time and effort as to why it’s taking place. They’ll look for the next best thing or a new development in the field that will help them, but they still don’t have the answers.


The answer is simple; they need to speak to a posture professional that can teach and train them on this issue. They also need to identify the specific behaviors that lead to the posture related problem in the first place. A basic example of this is sitting in bad postural alignment for hours daily. How many people have bad posture and lower back pain? They go hand in hand. Sitting for long periods, even if you’re in good posture, can also place some stress on the lower back and contribute to the problem.


This goes for the neck also; when people lurch their necks forward to stare at their computers at work, lean their necks outward while driving, or hang their neck over while reading or sending messages on their phones, it’s bound to affect them. Years of this add up and before they know it they’re using a product to help alleviate the pain.


Revisiting the question, “do these products do more harm than good?” is debatable at best, but it would be more advantageous for the buyer to seek a professional who can teach them what’s really happening and what caused them to end up in this position in the first place. It’s reminiscent of the old adage, “teach a person to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” By learning and training on how to fix posture they’re far less likely to have the issue let alone needing some of these products.


You guessed it; we’re here to help in that department. If you’re a health and/or fitness professional who’s seeking to break into the posture fixing field, this is your opportunity. You can learn to analyze and correct posture by being trained through our NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ program.  This could be the beginning of a new career path for you, don’t be afraid to take up this offer.


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