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Why Posture Is Steadily Becoming Associated with Good Health and Why It Needs to Be


Social media is ripe with all manner of advertisements. I’m particularly drawn to the ones about upcoming fitness products. I saw a video with self-lacing shoes a few days ago and it mentioned something in its advertising about supporting posture. What really caught my attention was the part about posture. It seems we’re finally beginning to catch on about posture, but why has it taken so long?


Why Posture Is Steadily Becoming Associated with Good Health and Why It Needs to Be


Posture isn’t something you’ll see mentioned on your insurance, nor is it a huge concern for most people. They tend to think it’s all about standing up straight; keep your shoulders back, pump your chest out, and walk upright they’ll say as they struggle to maintain it for all 5 minutes. They then forget all about it and go back to their usual, it just doesn’t stick.


One of the major reasons posture doesn’t stick is because too many people don’t know much about it. They aren’t aware of how poor postural habits lead to serious spinal related maladies. From the neck down to the toes, if alignment is off due to poor postural habits and activities done incorrectly, a visit to the surgery table could be in order.


Yes, I said surgery table, it’s that serious. It’s hard for people to make that connection because, once again, posture just doesn’t seem like a big deal until something is wrong. That seems like it’s changing these days. With all the talk about sitting disease, lower back pain, and head and neck related problems, to name a few, people are becoming more conscious. In combination to the physical dilemmas, good posture has been linked to mood and a sense of confidence.


There are more and more reasons why posture is becoming a serious topic and it needs to be. Remember how I just mentioned lower back pain? How many people with lower back pain are aware that part of the problem could have been caused by excessive sitting in poor posture? What would happen to the millions of Americans and people across the globe if they knew how to fix their posture for longer than 5 minutes?


Personally, I’m not fully convinced it’s caught enough steam. Too many are still waiting for small problems like a hunched neck to become consistent neck pain that could lead to migraines and possible nerve damage. We have to push further and faster if we want these issues to really come to light. What’s also interesting is the focus on the word “posture” and not about the problems that cause the body to go awry.


Excessive sitting isn’t the only cause of lower back pain. Some people don’t know how to lift with their knees instead of leaning their torso over to grab or pick something up. They exercise and their alignment is off and they’re causing more harm to their body this way. Who’s going to stop them when the issue isn’t being properly addressed? Who’s going to teach them that “posture” is more than just about standing up straight and poking your chest out, but it’s also behavioral modifications and body awareness?


You probably see where this is going, but I can’t help but say it’s got to be us. We, the trained professionals, who care about making a difference in the lives of everyone around us have to do this. We have to become more educated and spread awareness. We have to build the bridge that connects the word “posture” and it’s negligence with health problems if we really want to hit it big.


If you’re already a posture specialist or focus on posture, then you’re doing the right thing. Posture, and the health concerns that arise from its neglect, is not a thing of the past it’s here and now and it’s going to continue being a major concern in the future. I wouldn’t be shocked if more devices and clothing will cater toward improving posture. While they see an opportunity to capitalize on this, it needs to be accompanied with the right education so in the product’s absence one can still make last changes.


In our Beginner’s Guide to Posture Analysis and Correction, we discuss posture and the reasons for poor postural alignment. We also discuss how to analyze and correct it. You can pick up a copy of our free posture e-book below.


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