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Why No Exercise Movement is Simple and Every Detail is Important


Have you ever played golf? I remember the first time I played in high school. I played through the first 9 holes on a par 36 and ended up scoring a 108. It was difficult, but I remember thinking how much practice professionals need to compete at their level. As a posture professional, I can reflect on that experience and say without a doubt that technique and years of practice are important, but not if you don’t pay attention to the details of each technique.


Think about it, professionals spend YEARS perfecting the art of a golf swing; they practice this one movement thousands of times.  This taught me one important secret:


No movement is simple, every movement is important.


Remember that incredibly important person that needs to be near those professionals when they perform their techniques, the coach? They understand this principle. That everything counts; every movement is important in line to mastering the technique. These coaches pay special attention to the details, and can point out flaws and inconsistencies in the techniques. Just the same way, you could do this for your clients when working with them.


Do you agree that details matter?


Something as small as rotating the spine could lead to a serious lifelong injury if your clients aren’t careful. That’s why you need to be on point. You need to stand guard and be vigilant as you pay close attention to the little things, because this is where the real magic of a training session takes place.


Before I continue, let’s think about the muscle groups and some exercises you could create for your clients. Next, think about the small details that they could miss when performing these techniques. How is the exercise affected?


I want to take this a step further and ask you to imagine some of the techniques you just visited in poor alignment. Many professionals are allowing their clients to perform exercise movements in poor alignment. Others can’t help doing this because they aren’t trained to pay attention to the subtleties of their client’s movements.


Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, I implore you to pay closer attention to your client’s technique while performing exercises. Watch for the little things. Their body alignment is important, not just for injury but for the effectiveness of their techniques.


Why No Exercise Movement is Simple and Every Detail is Important


If you’re unsure about how to pay attention to these techniques and feel a little uneasy about your ability to gauge body alignment, then I recommend our Resistance Training DVD Series.  You’ll learn how to pay closer attention to your client’s movements and assess whether they’re performing their techniques in proper alignment.


Your value and expertise as a professional are constantly being evaluated by your peers and clients, you don’t have time to waste or gamble. If you’re not ready to pay attention to the details, it’s time you got ready.

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