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Why Exercise Is Medicine and How It Impacts Your Clients


Millions of people all over the world are suffering from all sorts of health conditions. Some are taking medications regularly while others have had to change their lifestyles. Some are not so lucky; their time, like everyone else is precious, but their clock is coming to an end sooner than later and it’s due to crippling health related concerns.


[National Posture Institute] Why Exercise Is Medicine and How It Impacts Your Clients


It’s a gloomy subject; sickness and illness have and will continue to plague us for the rest of our time here on this great blue Earth. Science has made some major strides in curing, coping, and preventing serious diseases, but many of us have gotten so comfortable because of it. There are people who genuinely believe that since they only live once so they live as reckless as possible.


With everything that’s happening, it’s not like we can’t take a pill or undergo surgery to help fix ourselves. It’s hard to say no one thinks like this even though it sounds like quite a stretch. My point is too many of us are comfortable until we’re uncomfortable. We wait until a serious health concern to actually start paying attention to our health. Some of us just don’t care enough about our mind and bodies, and it’s easy to get comfortable with all the technological advancements.


Turn on your TV or scroll through your social media page, if you’ve subscribed to health, medical, or fitness related channels you’re bound to see something that you’d call a quick fix; Pills, medication, surgeries, or some apparatus that’s supposed to fix us since we’re so broken. The option is supposed to help bring us back to good health or make us feel better about ourselves; many of the ads trying to convince us to invest by using our looming insecurities about our bodies as the selling points.


It’s become a business to try to cure people or relieve them of their worries about their bodies and that’s become problematic for so many. With rising health costs and procedures that cost a fortune, it stinks to get sick these days. What’s both incredible and sad is the fact that many of the conditions could be slowed, prevented, or managed through the introduction of a better overarching health plan.


I’m not referring to a mystical program or some kind of wonder drink or powder; I’m talking about good diet and proper exercise alongside other healthy habits. We’ve all heard that you are what you eat; what you put into your body will affect you. However, we haven’t all caught on about the exercise portion. Exercise has the capacity to literally save a life.


Fitness professionals get to administer exercise to their clients. I use the term “administer” here because exercise, like good diet, sleep, and other cornerstones of good health, is a form of medicine that’s often overlooked. How many people sacrifice at least a half hour to exercise daily? How many times have you heard the excuses about lacking time and motivation only to see someone else at the gym that is figuratively, and to some extent literally, running to save their life?


The former hasn’t gotten it yet, they’re comfortable because there’s no real discomfort yet. The threat to their livelihood hasn’t caught up to them, but the latter has either caught on or feels like they’re out of time. They need to exercise and eat right if they want to be around to see their family and friends. We can’t do this anymore; we can’t keep waiting and then when it’s too late then decide to act.


Exercise has the potential to control weight, improve mental health, strengthen bones and muscles, and increase the chances of living longer. Exercise also reduces the risk of some cancers, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular diseases. It’s that important, but so many of us are missing this.


It’s a difficult road to walk as a professional who knows and understands these as many around us just don’t. We may work with clients who are acting before it’s too late or the vice versa. Regardless, keep going. Exercise is medicine and while many of us can definitely use more of it, we must be careful not to abuse it. Stay strong in your fight for a healthier community; you’re saving the world one person at a time.


Exercise is medicine and we believe in conducting those exercises in proper spinal and body alignment. For this reason among others we’re proud of our NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ program. Join the movement toward better posture now by joining our program.


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