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Why Excessive Gaming on Mobile Devices is Dangerous for Your Child's Posture


If you asked me if I enjoyed gaming, I would definitely say ‘yes’. As a posture professional I need to be deliberate about my posture alignment or I’ll hurt myself in the long run. I’m trained to look out for this while I play games, but your children aren’t. For anyone using a mobile device for long hours, they’re body alignment is probably being shaped for the worst.


Why Excessive Gaming on Mobile Devices is Dangerous for Your Child's Posture


How many hours do children spend on these devices? There was once a time where kids would go to an arcade and stand to play games. Things shifted to home systems where they would sit or lay for a few hours and then eventually go outside. As time shifted, games became more addictive. People started spending more time slouching in front TVs and computer screens as they got their game on. Now, games have become so much more mobile and it’s not necessarily a good thing. 


It’s become more common to see children using phones or mobile devices. These days, with Pokemon Go and a host of other phone based games, you’re probably seeing them even more. From the eyes of a posture specialist, you’ll also notice how they look while they’re playing. Head hung over, neck arching, focused solely on the game and not on much else. While I value the dedication, it’s the idea that children are setting themselves up for posture problems and they don’t even know it.


In a few years, many of the children of this generation are going to have serious postural abnormalities. The long hours spent on mobile devices while in poor alignment will be a major factor that caused this. Could you imagine a child incurring forward head posture, text neck, or kyphosis before their 20s? These are issues that adults are battling in their later years; no child should have to worry about visiting a doctor because of stinging neck pain. Likewise, they shouldn’t look like they’re triple their age because they never learned how to maintain proper alignment.


So, what can you do?


First, understand that this goes beyond just gaming on the devices and extends into all excessive use of mobile devices while in poor alignment. Next, you can start impacting change by discussing this with your friends, loved ones, community, and schools. It sounds like a long shot, but this is an opportunity for you to step outside your comfort zone and do something big. If you, or someone you know, has or works with children, that’s the first place to begin this discussion. Here are some points you can begin discussing with them now:


  • How to reduce time spent on mobile devices
  • How to adjust body alignment to ensure the body is comfortable and safe
  • Why they need to spend more time being physically active
  • The dangers of posture related problems caused by excessive use
  • How to fix the posture related problems now that they’ve already begun


Whether it’s at home, in the car, or at school, our children need us to help them with this. It’s our responsibility to look out for their posture before it turns into a serious problem, but the only way we can do this is if we’re prepared, informed, and diligent.


  • Do you feel confident about addressing the subject?
  • Do you feel prepared?
  • Do you feel informed?


If you answered ‘No’ to any or all, then take a look at our Complimentary Posture Assessment and Correction Webinar, it will teach you:


  • How to analyze posture
  • What are postural abnormalities (where they come from and how to treat them)
  • What you can do to spread awareness and help by creating programs to impact others


We hope this helps, sign up now to learn more and begin making some big moves for you, and for those you care about.

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