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Why Children Need to Be Active and 3 Ways You Can Help


Have you ever stopped to look at children playing? For so many they can’t say they do, because it’s not something they see often. Do you remember when you were younger? You didn’t have as many distractions and even with video games and television you were encouraged to play outside more.


Why Children Need to Be Active and 3 Ways You Can Help


It’s not that children are completely absorbed by their responsibilities at school or at home, it’s that they’ve been captivated by all the new and upcoming forms of entertainment. Consoles where you spent hours playing your favorite video games have shifted to mobile devices and are joined by hours of texting, talking, tweeting on phones and other devices. It’s common to see children glued to these devices, but there’s more going on here than meets the eye.


What’s also shocking is the increase in metabolic diseases, obesity, and overall weight related issues in children all across America. Would you believe that one in five American children are obese? That doesn’t include those who are overweight, just obese. The number of children who have been diagnosed with obesity has tripled since the early 1970s.


There’s also been a rise in posture related issues. Text-neck, lower back pain, and forward head posture, are also health related concerns that children have to deal with these days. Can you imagine a child with their head jutted forward and one day needing surgery to correct their body alignment? It’s unsettling and shouldn’t be happening.


Who do we blame for our children suffering from these issues? Could it be the education system, the school system, or their parents? And why aren’t kids as active as they were before? The answers are multilayered and complex, but many would agree that the abuse of technology and their parents play a huge part in all this. There must be a way to shed light on these issues and foster change or many more will suffer and they’ll grow up having to struggle with the same problems that hounded them in their youth.


Personal trainers and health professionals can really make an impact and get the ball rolling. Here are 3 ways you can begin leading the charge now:


1.  Encourage adults to exercise and get active with their children


Talk about spending time with mom and dad, wouldn’t it be great if children got outside and exercised with their parents? There’s always room for programs and online initiatives that encourage group activity in this area. It would be a huge step to have more parents encouraging their children to exercise, so why not find a way to incorporate kids into the activities?


2.  Become a leader in your community and rally others


One of the best ways to push for change is by doing it yourself. Why not become a leader in your community? Outline the problem and the concerns, and speak to people in your area. You may not have all the answers, you may not even have a firm grasp of the situation, but someone else near you does. You can also create programs and bring other professionals on board who also share your passion.


3.  Online and offline speaking engagements


Being seen and heard is far easier now with social media, so get out there and get loud. You can set up a blog, a group, a channel, or just post on your favorite social media outlet about how outraged you are over this issue and how much you want to change. You can be the beginning of the change as others will hear and resonate with you and may be willing to step out with you to do something about it.


As I stated before, the answers are complex, but they’re there if you’re willing and open to find them. The rise in technology and online distractions, the reduction in recreational activities and exercise, the increase in unhealthy food options, and so much more are all part of the problem. While my 3 options above merely scratched the surface, I’m sure you can come up with so much more.


Our friends at the Educational Fitness Solutions have an Online School Nutrition and Wellness program that will teach you how to develop healthy food programs and strategies for children. You’ll be able to lead the discussion and present better solutions on the topic at hand.


Check out the program here >>

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