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Why 2017 Needs to be the Year for Good Health


Without a doubt 2016 was a tough year for many and 2017 isn’t going to improve unless changes are made. How many people lost their lives in 2016 due to illness and how many are currently suffering due to health related concerns? Speaking with friends and family during the holiday season, I heard many stories about people who had high blood pressure or who are taking medication for some problem they’re experiencing.


[National Posture Institute] Why 2017 Needs to be the Year for Good Health


Can you imagine needing to resort to medication? While some don’t have a choice many could avoid some of these health related maladies with behavior modification and better decision making. In the next few years, I wouldn’t want to look back and tell myself that I should have made changes and that I’m responsible for the state I’m in because I didn’t take action. I’m sure you don’t want to end up in this position either.


For this reason, I propose that we make 2017 the year for good health. Here are some pointers that will help you improve yours:

  • Rest more often
  • Eat clean more times than you eat dirty (more veggies, less junk)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get plenty of sleep at night
  • Take time to de-stress
  • Pay attention and distance yourself from the people who drain your energy
  • Surround yourself with more positive influences
  • Commit to getting a checkup (go see your physician)
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Take time away from work (vacation or recreation time)
  • Pay attention to your salt and sugar intake
  • Drink plenty of water

I probably haven’t said anything new. It’s awfully easy to remember these, but we tend to forget as time progresses or when we’re in the moment. How many times have you mentioned some of these to clients only to have them regress or fail to do them? It happens, but with discipline we can stay on track.


I’m especially fond of the sleep and rest suggestions because we’re always on our feet or doing something and many of us don’t take time to rest. Even a short 20 minute nap can do wonders for mental focus and overall mood. Sleeping is also a struggle for many, they get to bed at night and their mind is racing. It makes it difficult to sleep and they drag through their day, sleep deprived and moody. This could eventually lead to making poor decisions or decisions they’d regret later.


While it’s important to take care of your health every year I want to emphasize health as your new focus. It’s far too easy to get off track, so let’s create a plan of action and engage the points I mentioned earlier. Believe me when I say, they seem easy, but many of us are still forgetting or struggling to do them.


If you feel like you’re missing something from last year and need to brush up on your nutrition, or work toward a new path, I implore you to look into Educational Fitness Solution’s Sports Nutrition & Performance course. Even if you’re not seeking the sports nutrition crowd, you’ll learn about vitamin/protein supplementation, functional food implementation, antioxidants, meal plan analysis, and so much more.


The link to the program is here, check it out.

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