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Top 3 Misconceptions About Posture and Why You Need to Start Correcting Posture Now


Have you been correcting your posture? If not, why? Haven’t you heard all the great benefits about good posture? I can’t blame you if you haven’t because posture seems like the hidden secret of the health industry. It’s a topic that only surfaces once in a while, but most times it’s nowhere to be found.


[National Posture Institute] Top 3 Misconceptions About Posture and Why You Need to Start Correcting Posture Now


Over the last few years posture has been showing up a few times a year. Well, that’s certainly better than not at all, but it’s nowhere as prominent as nutrition and exercise. Why is this so? Why does it feel like the issue isn’t important? It’s sad how people all over the U.S. struggle with a host of problems that are related to posture and yet the effort to put the right information forward is insufficient. There could be some serious changes if more people understood how poor postural alignment impacts the body.


Are you aware that lower back pain and cumulative trauma disorders can be caused by consistently poor body alignment? Posture, as it related to body alignment, isn’t just about sitting upright and walking straight like you’ve just placed a book on your head. It encompasses the crown of the head right down to the feet, but so many of us are missing this and it’s probably due to a host of misconceptions about the subject.


What have you heard about posture? We can compare notes later, but here are the top 3 misconceptions I’ve encountered about posture and what you need to know about them instead:


1.  Posture isn’t that important why bother teaching it?


As stated before, posture is showing up a few times in the media, but the focus is on the remedy after the problem has surfaced instead of the habits that lead to the problem. For example, there are special creams to help alleviate lower back pain, but no one is talking enough about what’s causing the problem and how to prevent it. Pain in prominent areas like the lower back, neck, and shoulders could be avoided or managed better with the proper understanding of good posture as it relates to body alignment.


2.  Posture is all about sitting up straight, right?


It’s more than just sitting up straight; it’s about the position of the body, the entire body as it performs its day to day tasks. When professionals work to correct posture they examine the habitual behaviors that will eventually lead to a problem and try to stop them from happening. One of the basic questions asked is: What is the body’s alignment while it consistently performs its day to day tasks? Something as simple as sitting can place unnecessary strain on the body and lead to head and lower back problems.


3.  Posture has no effect on anything else


Sure, posture may seem like nothing until you’re undergoing surgery for a problem that was hastened due to poor postural alignment. What you do at your neck affects the rest of the body. If you’re hanging your head over regularly, it adds extra weight to the neck, affects the spine, and throws off your body’s alignment. Most cases of lower back pain stem from consistent or habitual behaviors that negatively impact the spine. The muscles and ligaments are impacted by being either stretched, weakened, or strengthened when they shouldn’t be. It’s a vicious cycle, but one that can be broken with knowledge and right application.


I’m sure after reading this you understand why this is so important. This is why the National Posture Institute is so vigilant about posture correction and spreading the word to health & fitness professionals. These misconceptions are just the surface, I’m sure there are others but this article would be much longer. If you’re already a certified professional through us then you’ve been nodding your head this whole time. It’s fantastic to have you and I hope you continue spreading the word as more and more people need to know this.


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