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The 7 Questions You Need to Answer to Start Your 2018 Right


With the Holiday seasons almost over, we’ve all been really busy, tired, and somewhat stressed out.  This year will go down in history; it’s been one of the roughest years for some while others have had incredible successes. Are you awaiting the big ball drop? Some just want to say good bye to this year and start fresh, and based on everything that’s happened one can’t blame them.


[National Posture Institute] The 7 Questions You Need to Answer to Start Your 2018 Right

If you were asked to describe your year in 3 words what would you say? I ask this because those 3 words represent how this year has treated you. It also means you can start thinking about what you want and don’t want come 2018. I adore reflection; it gives one the opportunity to set a new course in the future and you’re able to learn from your mistakes.

What went well for you this year and what didn’t? Maybe you were one of the people I was discussing this past year in terms of professionalism or maybe you’re on the cusp of a new career path and you just aren’t sure because the educational opportunities haven’t lined up. It happens, but if you’re going to make better in life you’re going to have to get serious and start plotting a course. You should never aimlessly wander through life hoping to one day find your destination.

Take charge, start writing some goals down, and a set a realistic timetable for you to complete them. It’s not too late to begin working with a different age group, burst into doing that particular fitness class, or start an online coaching business. You can learn the tricks of the trade and be on your way, but you need to get smart about this and start making some concrete plans for 2018.

When you start planning for 2018, think about the different areas of your life. These areas may include your health, career, family, self-development goals, relationships, and recreational time. Maybe you’re working ridiculous hours and you need a break, or maybe your health has gotten off track and it’s time to take a step back to recover. You may also be recovering from the recent disasters and need extra cash or just the time to catch up.

You can start your 2018 off right by getting these areas in order. I’m seriously urging you to think about this. The New Year is almost here and you probably don’t want to get caught off guard or walk into it unprepared. What would be worse is walking into the New Year making the same mistakes you made in the old when you could have made better decisions.

Below I’ve listed 7 questions you can answer and apply to each of the areas I mentioned above. I want to offer you this brief questionnaire because it will help you with your planning. You need to actively decide who and what you want in your life in 2018. There may have been negative influences, or people, but you won’t come to this realization unless you really think about it.

9 questions that will get me started for 2018

Instructions: Fill in the blanks. Remember, you can apply these to each of the areas of your life.

1.  In 2017, I did too much of (…) and I want to do more (…) in 2018

2.  In 2017, I want to stop doing (…) and do more of (…) in 2018

3.  In 2017, I acknowledge that (…) was my biggest struggle in this area

4.  My 2018 will be awesome  if I am able to achieve the following 3-5 goals in this area of my life:






5.  I acknowledge that (…) was a bad influence and distracted me from succeeding in 2017

6.  I acknowledge that (…) was a good influence and I need more of this in 2018

7.  I want to advance this area of my life in 2018, but I need to at least do 3-5 of the following in 2018:






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