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The 5 Kinds of Friends You Definitely Need to Be Successful in Your Industry


The health and fitness industry is one of the most popular industries where professionals can easily become successful. With so many different possibilities, finding the right support to back your career goals is challenging. That’s why it’s important to have the right kinds of people in your life as they could propel you further than you ever imagined.


The 5 Kinds of Friends You Definitely Need to Be Successful in Your Industry


I believe we should all have friends; not just the kinds we hang out with from time to time, but the kinds we can consult to help us in our career. It’s extremely important that you meet and stay connected to a wide array of people with different skillsets. The beauty of having these kinds of connections is being able to call upon them when you need help in an area that isn’t your expertise.


When I use the term “friend”, I’m predominantly referring to your professional connections, but this could also apply to people in your close circle. These are the people who you’ve known forever, but they’ve developed professional skills you don’t have. They could also be people you’ve met online or offline. Regardless of who or where you met them you need them in your life, but they have to be the right kinds of people that you can trust.


Here’s a short list of the 5 most important colleagues you absolutely need if you want to stay successful in this industry:


1.  The marketing friend: This is your professional marketing friend, the one who has worked with others and knows more about the whole subject than you do. They can point you in the right direction or save you much needed money and time. Don’t be afraid to pick their brain and compensate them for helping you. They can also help you craft and transfer your message to the right audience.


2.  The lawyer friend: Let me say this loud and proud, you need someone who understands contracts, agreements, and laws relating to your scope of practice. A lawyer is an invaluable ally in your quest for success. Their assistance could be as simple as answering a question about a possibly horrible decision to just reading a document to ensure you’re covered and aren’t putting you or your business at risk. Always keep your lawyer friend in the know and don’t be afraid to ask if you feel unsure or concerned regarding your work.


3.  The fiscal friend: This person is good with money and decisions concerning money. It could be someone who works in an accounting, banking, or finance related arena. You need someone who understands money and who can guide you on making scary financial decisions.


4.  The supportive friend: This is the person that’s on your side and wants to tell people all about you. They’re also the person you go to for a second opinion and they’ll keep you honest. Despite challenges and possible disagreements, this person loves you and what you do, and wants to see you succeed in life.


5.  The mentor/experienced expert friend: Few are lucky enough to have this kind of person in their life. The mentor or experienced expert friend is the one who has the most knowledge in your field. They’ve been where you’ve been, they know what you need to do and how do it, and they’re willing and open to talking your ear off about it. Listen to them and accept their guidance where necessary. Learn all you can from them.


One of the most common occurrences you’ve probably experienced is having people approach you for help. It’s usually a welcoming feeling to have people want your support and advice. It becomes a problem when they aren’t willing to reciprocate the gesture. As strange as this may sound, I encourage you not to be that person to the 5 friends I mentioned above.


Even if you can’t fork over the dough it’s still wise to offer some form of compensation for any assistance you’ve received. Whether it be advertising their services, offering access to your expertise, or some other service you could provide to honor that person’s part in your budding career, do it. It goes a long way and you want to make sure you’re respecting their craft. It’s difficult asking friends and people we hold dear for compensation after you’ve helped them, so be the difference by stepping up first.


I’m going to step up first and offer you something that can help boost your success in this field. Have you seen our “How To Profit From Posture Assessments” free webinar? It’s the perfect resource for anyone that wants to expand their horizons. The webinar covers how you can use posture analysis and assessments to boost your earnings, and so much more.


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