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The 3 Traits That Every Successful Person Uses to be More Approachable


Imagine sitting in your chair at work typing away when you feel a sudden and sharp pain in your wrist. It really hurts. You sit back for a moment nursing your hand and try to continue typing. Your typing is slow and labored, but you need to get this project done. What went wrong here? Why is this happening and above all why now?


[National Posture Institute] The 3 Traits That Every Successful Person Uses to be More Approachable


Visibility in business is huge, that’s why you have to be seen and meet people so they know you’re the go-to pro for what you do best. There are potential clients that are dying for your services, but just don’t know you or they’ve seen you but don’t know what you do. There’s no way you’ll get discovered If people can’t see you and in most cases that means going out to events, approaching people, and being approached. Yes, that means you can’t hide inside forever. Go to events like parties, gatherings, social events around issues related to what you’re passionate about, and more. You need to be seen, heard, and understood.


So, you’re ready to go meet people. You’re probably thinking all you need to do is shine your shoes and get well dressed, but it’s more than just the clothes that count. The way you carry yourself while trying to stand out is probably the largest piece of this equation. Your body language says a lot about you and believe it or not, you could be putting off potential clients by just the way you stand. It’s that serious; people could be turned off before you even open your mouth to speak.


You’re definitely familiar with this concept. Have you ever been to an event and scanned the room? You look at all the people there and almost immediately you can tell who’s approachable. You need to be the kind of person that others will say, “I need to know that person”.


Listen, if you want to thrive at social events and become more visible you’re going to have to pay attention to the way you carry yourself. This takes place even before you do the approach and after you’ve shaken a hand or exchanged your first few words. People may have already disqualified you before you even opened up and got the chance to express yourself. So, from now on when out and about meeting new people always carry these 3 things with you:

  1. A champion smile
  2. Great eye contact
  3. Excellent posture

Surprise, surprise, posture made it on the list. It really shouldn’t be a surprise because someone’s posture says a lot about them. You can feel it yourself, if you droop your shoulders and shrink you feel different as opposed to when you push your chest out, breathe deeply, and keep your head held high. One posture says confidence, vitality, and success while the other falls flat.


Every Casanova or successful professional can stand by these three points. Think about it, the next time you step into a room put on your observation glasses and pay attention to the people around you. Who looks approachable? Who seems to give off a welcoming aura? 9 times out of 10 it’s the person who’s smiling and has a good posture. The next time you speak to someone smile warmly, exercise good eye contact, and adjust your posture. People need to feel comfortable approaching you and after the initial meeting they need to know you care.


Eye contact, smiling, and a confident posture are all great ways for someone to feel you’re listening and like you’re the go-to person. Once again, you’ve been here, you’re speaking to someone and they’re fidgeting, looking everywhere but at you, or on their phone. It’s a major turn off and if they’re sitting or standing slouched it just adds insult to injury, you just don’t feel like you should be there and you’re right, you should move on.


So, let’s recap those 3 traits quick: Smile, eye contact, and good posture. If you have these down you’re already on your way to meeting people, becoming more visible, and ultimately more successful. In light of this, I also want to briefly mention our NPI-Certified Resistance Training Professional™ (RTP) program. If you have clients that struggle with their posture or need to employ posture friendly exercise protocol, this is the program for you.


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