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The 3 Reasons Why Resolutions Fail and How to Keep Them Going


It’s officially 2018. We’re probably going to spend the next few days adjusting, like marking 2018 instead of 2017 and working toward leaving things in the past. It’s never as easy as it sounds, but it’s most certainly a positive step forward. In this brand new year of 2018, I’m sure we’re all for taking positive steps forward.


[National Posture Institute] The 3 Reasons Why Resolutions Fail and How to Keep Them Going


Every New Year comes with new energy. The date isn’t the only thing that changes; we hope our minds and our routines stay changed for the positive. To help bring us to this change we make resolutions. Resolutions come in all forms, but the purpose is to help guide us in future decisions. We’re resolving to do something different, predominantly because some part of our lives didn’t go the way we planned or we know we can do better.


While making a resolution is great, many are doomed to fail. It’s the truth; millions of people start the year with resolutions like going to the gym or getting their health on track and they inevitably fail every single time. Sure, they go to the gym and they’re able to shed a few pounds but past March the gym is empty.


It’s the grim part of the subject, but that’s how things are and nothing will change until we first identify the issue. How many can say they achieved or stuck with all of last year’s resolutions? If they did then that’s fantastic, they’re in the small percent. For everyone else, it didn’t go as planned. So, what’s really happening here? Why do resolutions fail?


Here are 3 simple reasons why resolutions fail.


1.  They’re flimsy


Resolutions need to have more substance; a resolution has to be concrete. If it feels so-so and the details are lacking then it’s bound to fail. Have a plan of action; think of a resolution as a goal and not just a dream that may one day come true. Back up the resolution by making sure the reasons to achieve it are solid and then set a timetable to see it completed.


2.  They’re unrealistic


Setting a grand resolution may seem like the way to go, but if it’s unrealistic then it’s going to fail. One can’t hope to lose 20 lbs of fat by the end of January. It would be better to ease into resolutions like these by starting small and staying consistent. In short, don’t make a resolution that can’t be achieved and then feel ashamed later. It’s best to set realistic resolutions that can be achieved over a more manageable period of time. Think about the example above, it would be more realistic to aim for 4-8 lbs in the first month and to stay consistent enough to eventually drop the 20 lbs.


3.  Lack of follow through


Though I’ve listed this point last, it’s the first and foremost for many. People just don’t follow their resolutions. They make great resolutions but don’t follow through. How can anyone hope to achieve anything if they lack the discipline to actually complete it? It’s also pretty bad when the person had no real intention of completing it in the first place. It’s as if they made a resolution just to make one instead of actually wanting to follow through and complete it.


Resolutions are goals; they are like dreams waiting to take fruition, but let’s face it, if they’re flimsy, unrealistic, and lack the follow through they’ll never come to pass. We need to start the ball rolling this year with more concrete and realistic goals followed by disciplined effort.


With all the resolutions in the air, I’ve resolved to keep spreading the message about good posture and body alignment. In our NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ program we focus on analyzing and correcting postural problems. It’s our premier program and we’re proud to present it to you in this fine New Year. All the best to you and yours for the New Year!


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