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How Posture Education Allows You to Change the Lives of Those Around You


There’s a kind of joy you get from doing your job. You get this tingly feeling inside and a smile creeps across your face without your noticing. You’ve just helped someone and you know it. You can see the change you’ve made in their life and how it’ll affect them. This is it, this is the feeling you receive when you feel accomplished. You get this feeling ever so often, but you know it well and you love it.


[National Posture Institute] How Posture Education Allows You to Change the Lives of Those Around You

You don’t get to this feeling by being stingy; you know all too well that your role ultimately boils down to helping people. What’s most interesting is when the people you seek to help are those closest to you and you’re more than capable of doing it. Have you ever had a situation where a friends or family members needed help in an area of your expertise?

I’m sure you’ve had this situation happen to you before. Someone you know is in dire need of services similar to what you offer but they either forget to consult you or just haven’t. You, being the awesome and experienced professional, step in to save the day and flex your proverbial expert muscle. It’s one of the best feelings when you can create change in someone else’s life, but it’s even more so when it’s with a close friend or family member.

Last week I got wind of one of our NPI-Certified Posture Specialists™ (NPI-CPS™) putting their expertise to good use. They explained that their mother was having terrible lower back pain and needed to get injections to help reduce the pain. It’s no surprise that so many Americans are suffering from lower back pain, but in this instance the reality hits hard.

Needing medications, or injections in this case, to manage the pain and being told to rest is a sobering experience for all, but more so for the one enduring it. What’s deeply troubling is how normalized lower back pain has become. Millions are in pain on a regular basis and the health industry would rather medicate it than teach how to avoid the dilemma in the first place.

We always hear about lower back pain being a major issue, but what about the vicious cycle that causes it? Who focuses on the habits and the root causes of these issues? Sure, not everything is as simple as stated here. Some issues require surgery and medication, but every case of lower back pain doesn’t and too often the public is left without a clue of what caused it and how they can manage or avoid the problem.

The professional from our story met with their mother and began equipping her with the tools necessary to try to mitigate the problem. They began by placing a pillow under her knees to prop the back and try to keep it flat. They also provided other safety tips while sleeping to protect the body’s alignment. Hours later the CPS explained that they received a message from their mother explaining how she was feeling a little better and how it helped.

The pain was subsiding, not just because of any medication but due to the fixes the NPI-CPS™ had suggested. The NPI-CPS™ also expressed the dangers of prolonged sitting and how doing so in poor body alignment made it worse. They also expressed modifications for sleeping in better alignment and ways they can help release the tension on the lower back area. The next day, the NPI-CPS™ said their mother was walking around and feeling much better than the day before.

Naturally, the problem won’t fully go away but there’s a way to manage it and to do so one needs to understand more about their body alignment and posture. It’s that important; it’s so important that it means the difference between going to work and having to stay in bed with pain and discomfort. That’s why we’re proud of what we do here. If you know someone who’s suffering with this issue, especially family, you have a responsibility and the privilege of making a change in that person’s life by educating them on their postural habits and suggesting the necessary changes.

Don’t you want to help your family and close friends? You can make huge changes for them by becoming educated about posture and body alignment. Don’t wait too long to learn this stuff, you could be out helping the millions of Americans and those around the world with their lower back pain. I know I have your attention so I want you to click the link below and tale your first step toward better posture.

Click here for the NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ program >>

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