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How Gym Goers and Health Fans Are Evolving and the Part We Need to Play Going Forward


Is health all the rage? Have we finally caught on that we absolutely need to focus on it? Most people will agree it’s a topic that’s oh so important and yet gets the backseat in the face of all others. It’s been a rough 2017, I’ve said it repeatedly and I mean every word. With politics, natural disasters, and a host of other things in the news our health as a nation has definitely taken a hit.


[National Posture Institute] How Gym Goers and Health Fans Are Evolving and the Part We Need to Play Going Forward


Stress is in the air and it’s been a high tension year for so many of us. It’s the holiday season and many of us are still recovering from earlier points in the year where our lives were impacted by one issue or another. Health should be the focus as we shift over into 2018 and it seems like some of us have started to really catch on to that.


One of the most surprising trends I’ve noted this year is the shift in understanding about health and how fitness, namely good dietary practices and exercise, affects it. People are starting to come on board about topics like posture and body alignment, as we’ve so tirelessly tried to promote, and are evolving in their understanding of how all this ties together.


It’s really a shame how some fitness pros haven’t caught on yet. People are becoming wiser; there’s increased information online and it’s far easier to seek out trained professionals with years of experience. College graduates and programs are on the rise and the knowledgeable professional is taking center stage. While this is taking place, there’s still so much confusion because of the mixed messages being sent by some of said professionals.


It’s a catch 22; with increased access and information it means more will get out to the general public, but that also means everyone and their theories about relevant topics will also be posting what they think. Gym goers and health fans are often caught in the middle of the crossfire not sure who to believe or trust.


There have been a number of controversial documentaries on the market this year. Not everything said in these videos is correct; sometimes the proper context isn’t provided or certain tidbits are conveniently left at the wayside to further the arguments presented. There’s also been a rise in zealotry; believers in their nutritional path with an almost religious like following, one that can’t seem to be shaken by facts or research.


While some gym goers and health fans are all for research and factual information, some fitness pros have caught on to this and don’t present the research or information in its entirety. It’s common to be misled by fitness and health related videos, and frankly it has to stop. Unfortunately, this won’t come to pass for some time and it’s up to us to help set the record straight for our clients and those truth seekers.


This is the era we’re in now. It’s a battle to stay current and an even greater battle to bring the truth, the whole truth, to light. As fitness professionals, we’re often in the mix, but it’s important that we do our part to decipher the puzzles for the ones we care for most. What I’m saying is, we have to be objective and call it like it is, we have to provide the facts, and right information, and do our own homework to ensure the whole truth is being presented.


While the health industry and the people in and around it continue to evolve, information will continue to be readily available and professionals, and non-pros, will continue to spread it. Which side will you be on in 2018? Regardless, we’ve all got to play our part in debunking, restructuring, and explaining the information so those caught in the middle can achieve their goals and be healthy. That’s the part we play moving forward, so let’s work together to make it happen.


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