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Healthy Eating Strategies for Both Professionals and Clients This Holiday Season


Thanksgiving is just days away and before we know it the holiday season will be in full swing. People are already gearing up to shop till they drop. What’s also customary during this whole season is the amount of food and beverages we’ll be consuming alongside family and friends.


[National Posture Institute] Healthy Eating Strategies for Both Professionals and Clients This Holiday Season

We go through this every year; we can expect lots of celebrating and that means eating and drinking more than we’d normally allow. It happens; we may cut loose, but we often feel guilty about it after. The holiday season and just about any event we’re attending will have all manner of consumables and it’s great that we enjoy ourselves. However, this enjoyment shouldn’t come with a sense of guilt or the fear of ruining one’s diet.

One of the best strategies, for both professionals and clients, is to plan in advance. It’s important that we have some kind of plan for eating healthy through this season. We want to enjoy ourselves, but we also want to feel good about it. For that reason, we have to plan ahead. At the next event, whether work or family related, survey the table and determine what needs a limit before digging in.

It may be a good idea to stock up on salads and most proteins, and reduce starch heavy foods. This should also hold true for sweet and salty options also, and will go double for alcoholic beverages. Be careful how much you consume in one sitting and monitor your glass and plate to ensure you’re staying in bounds. When we’re out and having a grand time it’s easy to forget everything so we’ll need to stay disciplined.

Another tactic is to drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy eating regimen in general during all this holiday madness. That means we’ll have to stay the course. If it means limiting certain foods and beverages to the particular event then so be it. It may also mean adjusting some meals accordingly.

Let’s dive a little further into meal adjustments. It doesn’t mean that we should skip meals, starve, or save ourselves for the big meal time. It’s best we maintain our current diet plan or make small, but healthy changes where necessary. That may be as simple as adding more greens to one meal or swapping out a few sugary snacks for something healthier knowing we’ll be taking in the sugar later on.

Just so we’re clear; this is by no means a call to skip foods, reduce meal portions, or make drastic changes. The emphasis is on proper planning and staying healthy all through the season. Yes, we’re going to be tempted to grab the cake, ice cream, or pie and that’s ok, but we must exercise moderation and plan for said cravings. It is, after all, the holiday season and it’s important we enjoy ourselves and feel good about it later.

Last, but not least, we have to remember to exercise and stay active through this season. For some of us it’s already snowing while others wish they had snow or are enjoying what warmth they have left. Stay active whether in doors or outside, and don’t feel the need to train twice as hard after splurging a little.

This happens to be one of the big problems with holiday eating, we assume we have to burn the calories we’ve put on but if we’d just go back to our regular food schedule and exercise program we’d be fine in no time. Remember, we must be responsible but shouldn’t beat ourselves up for our cravings.

This year has been a real challenge and though we’re gearing up for the holiday season let’s remember those who can’t. Let’s keep all those who were devastated by weather and violence in our thoughts and actions. Give when possible and exercise compassion.

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Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and an enjoyable holiday season!

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