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Fitness Industry Jobs Outside Of Personal Training & Group Exercise


The fitness industry has been touted in many an article as being one of the fastest growing industries. Not even the pandemic slowed the progress of the fitness industry as members took their practices online among other adaptations. If you’re looking to make it in the fitness industry, now is the time but not everyone wants to be a personal trainer.


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When “Fitness Industry” comes to mind “personal trainers” and “group exercise professionals” or other variants of these are usually the terms people use most often. Members within and looking at the industry may get hooked on the notion that the industry runs on these professions, but there is a large scope of other professions within the industry that need to be fulfilled and many new positions are slowly coming onboard.


Here is a shortlist of some of the top jobs you can do outside of personal training and group exercise:

  • Tech engineer/creator
  • CEO
  • Professor/Assistant professor within a fitness related field
  • Fitness apparel designer
  • Fitness model
  • Social Media Manager
  • Fitness start-up partner
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Marketing professional
  • Fitness magazine writer or editor-in-chief. 

The list above is by no means limited as more and more tech jobs become available. Here is another short list of professions related to the industry, but keep in mind some, like those above, may require a specific degree:

  • NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™
  • Online coaching/mentoring
  • Sporting team coach/trainer
  • Wellness coordinator
  • Program developer
  • App developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Manager/Director of a gym, spa, or recreational facility
  • Professional body builder/figure competitor
  • Athletic trainer.


If you already have a degree or some form of education from a different field there’s a good chance that it can be put to use to benefit the fitness industry. From making apps to making new equipment, or teaching people about the body, it’s possible if you’re creative, driven, and willing to earn some new skilled.


Your ability to work in the field isn’t just limited to the job titles; you can shift your focus to a different demographic. Personal trainers or other professionals can start focusing on special populations e.g. older adults. Imagine being an app or web designer with a focus on making technology more accessible to older adults? How about someone who understands older populations and what they need so they know how to help brands market to them? It can be done!


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