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5 Ways You Can Step Your Game up to Increase Growth for a Better 2018


With the first month of the year almost over it’s a good idea to actively think about your next move. What are your plans for this year? Better yet, what plans do you have to improve who you are and what you uniquely offer? Have you thought about how you can grow, not just in your career but as a person in general?


[National Posture Institute] 5 Ways You Can Step Your Game up to Increase Growth for a Better 2018


It’s a scary subject for most; growth can be hard. It takes so many sacrifices and sometimes it involves letting go of what feels like the better parts of our lives. You may have to say goodbye to a toxic relationship or hello to a new career path, but regardless of the circumstances you’re not going to grow unless you shake things up and make some changes.


Here are 5 ways you can step your game up for 2018; these concepts are affordable and they’re sure to make a huge impact on your life throughout this year. Take it from me, while they may seem a little touchy-feely, but they’re probably the areas that will provide the most growth this year. Do you want to grow? Here there are:


1.  Be open to new experiences/opportunities


The next time a friend, family member, or co-worker asks you to try something different or new, give it a shot. So long as it’s reasonable and safe, why not? You may have avoided taking a class or avoided exploring an activity, but what if you find out you actually enjoy it? Give it a shot, sometimes the inspiration for new things come from new experiences. This may also serve as a turning point for you in other areas of your life.


2.  Get a new outlook


This may seem crazy, but you may need to change your outlook on life this year. You’ve probably heard the mind is a powerful thing, so start guiding it better. Set your focus and move forward; change your outlook and it will change the way you interpret the things around you. Here’s an example, you may lose your keys often but that doesn’t reflect poorly on you it may mean you’re so busy that it’s time to have a designated spot for your keys. Change the way you view yourself and learn to take the negative, and turn that into something positive and you’ll see how the world around you changes.


3.  Promote yourself often


As a fitness and health professional, you need to do a ton of marketing. It’s easier than you think. When you get an opportunity to speak about yourself and what you can do for others, take it. If you strike up a conversation with someone hand out a business card, speak well of yourself in front of others, and show off your awesomeness online for others to see. You have something worth sharing; something that is uniquely you, but if you stay quiet and don’t promote yourself, no one will see it. Get out there and let people know you’re here.


4.  Love yourself more


This may be the most touchy-feely subject of them all, but self-love goes a long way. Self-love means giving yourself room to grow, making mistakes, and letting go of the things that aren’t working. Self-love also means taking care of your health, both mental and physical, and being honest with yourself about the things that are causing you doubt, fear, and stress. It’s time you loved yourself so much that you refuse to let the wrong energies negatively impact you this year.


5.  Challenge yourself


Most of all, in 2018 you have to be open to challenging yourself. Challenge your limits, challenge your shortcomings, and actively seek to create growth in areas where you struggle. This is also how you build your confidence for new ventures, by conquering old fears and pain areas. This may be as simple as upgrading your public speaking skills or improving your writing, or it may be as arduous as opening your own business. Challenge yourself; don’t stop until you’ve broken ground.


These 5 ways are just the start, but if you begin now you’re going to make some huge turnarounds this year. If you want to challenge yourself or step your educational side up, check out our Online NPI-Certified Goniometry Specialist™ program. It’s uncommon to test flexibility; if you’re looking for a safe and accurate way to test your client’s flexibility, learn how to use a goniometer and become certified.


Here’s the program >>

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