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5 Ways You’re Stressing Yourself Out and How You Take Control Now


I find myself on Facebook and social media more often lately. This past week has been an emotional ride for many. Some of you reading this right now are tense; you’re frustrated, angry, sad, and undergoing a host of other emotions in this stressful time. I can’t blame you, but I will say that if you continue down this path, you’re going to do more harm to yourself and before long your productivity and ability to function are going to suffer.


5 Ways You’re Stressing Yourself Out and How You Take Control Now


I once read that it’s one thing to be aware and another to be flooded by the constant news updates about current matters. I’m not asking you to turn a deaf ear. I’m imploring that you identify that recent situations are stressful, but beware of getting drawn into it. If you’re not careful you could be in serious trouble because of the stress and threat to your inner peace.


When you’re not at your best, you can’t think straight and produce wholesome work that will benefit others. That’s why I want you to be aware of the moving parts that could be adding stress to your life. Here are 5 sources that could be stealing your good energy and overall performance, and 5 ways you can manage them:


1. Social media


Everyone is on it these days. Most people have subscribed to so many different pages that it’s difficult to keep track of it all. The problem with social media is it tends to suck you in and keep you there. If you’re not careful, you’ll spend precious hours of your time scrolling through pages and possibly arguing on posts about recent events.


Solution: Take some time away from social media. If you have to work and stay connected, try to find another method if possible, but always be mindful of your activities while you’re on there. Schedule some time away from it. Get outside and turn off your Wi-Fi, or tune out the constant updates. You may even need to un-follow a few pages that are sucking up your energy and time.


2. News outlets


Whether it’s on the radio, social media or anywhere else, it’s challenging to go places and avoid being connected. Once again, the problem isn’t being aware; it’s being drawn into all the drama and opinions that come with the news.


Another issue is being subscribed to several news pages at once via social media. Have you ever scrolled through your timeline and saw the same story multiple times from different angles? This can really dampen your day when you’re constantly being reminded of the issues at hand.


Solution: Pick a few news outlets so you can stay aware, but avoid arguing in the comment section or reading some of the posts. There are too many people who abuse their freedom of speech, but you have the freedom to tune this out and move on with your day.


3. Personal fears and worries


The ache you felt in your stomach, the pain in your back, or something else is eating away at your joy. If you don’t think your personal fears can suck your energy dry, think again. We spend hours worrying over the things we can’t control and fail to plan for the opposite.


Solution: Create a working plan for the things that you can control and be patient with the things you can’t control. You need your energy to produce good work and serve your clients. Focus on what’s key.


4. Family/relationships


You may experience some problems in your family and your relationships, but like our fears and worries, there are some things we can and can’t change. Learn the difference and stop letting it drain you.


Solution: Get clear about what you can do and what you can’t. Sometimes, a simple conversation could lead to a breakthrough, but unless you have said conversation you’ll never get to the breakthrough. Create a plan and execute it.


5. Work/Career


Whether it’s your education, your job, or your overall career, the future can be scary. Finances are on everyone’s mind, but understand that there are ways to solve career and work related issues. There is a solution if you’re open to admitting the problems and taking the necessary steps to achieve them.


Solution: You may have heard this before, but you need a plan of action. First, feel great about what’s going well for you. Second, be strategic about how you plan to tackle any concerns, whether financial, career, or a general work related concerns.


For those struggling with their educational, career, or financial needs, I’m going to put your mind at ease and offer the Online Certificate in Fitness Business Management from Educational Fitness Solutions. Click Here to learn more about this program.


The program teaches you about finances, business management, and career advancement. You’ll be able to move up the corporate ladder with the skills you’ll gain in this program.


Be strategic, create a plan, execute the plan, and move forward. Acknowledge what you can change and what you can’t. If you allow yourself to settle and haphazardly allow things continue you’ll be drained, distracted, and depressed. Take control now. Take action now.

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