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5 Tips for Staying Safe and Adhering to Your Diet Plan This Halloween


It’s the spookiest day of the year and that means all manner of parties, festivities, and ghouls roaming the streets looking for candy and a fun time. Halloween is the time of the year where people dress up and consume to their heart’s delight. While this particular day celebrates fun and fright, it’s important that the necessary precautions are made to stay safe and keep on track.


[National Posture Institute] 5 Tips for Staying Safe and Adhering to Your Diet Plan This Halloween


Themed days such as this always mean events where people can get together and enjoy themselves. It also means a host of food and beverages. Adults will usually dig into the harder drinks while kids will go roaming for candy. Let’s face it; you’re an adult and you’re going to let go and eat whatever you want. It’s great to have fun and let loose, but not if you’ll feel guilty or like you’ve taken several steps back after.


Halloween might be the pickup we all need after a hard season, but first let’s make sure a few pieces are in place before slipping into costume and yelling “trick-or-treat”.  It’s important to have a plan of attack; it’s always positive to plan your meals and Halloween is no exception. Since you’re going to consume all manner of food and beverage, it’s important that you have a plan in place so you don’t get off track.


Here’s a short checklist to stay safe in and out of costume:


1.  Plan your adventure


Planning your adventure starts with knowing where you’re going and who’s going with you, and transitions into how much you plan to consume. Think about how much you’ll eat at each outing. It’s a good idea to plan ahead so you don’t over eat when you get there.


2.  Watch your alcohol intake


It goes without saying that you’ll be downing a few beverages. Be prepared to stay within a safe limit especially if you’re driving. If you don’t think you’ll stay in your limits take a trusted friend who can also drive you home later. Alcohol has a nasty way of packing on the calories without you noticing so decide early what and how much you’ll be having.


3.  Drink plenty of water


This may seem like the strangest thing you’ll hear on Halloween, make sure to drink plenty of water. It’s not just about hydration it’s about flushing all that candy, junk, and alcohol out of your system at some point. If you know you’re loading up on the sweet stuff, wash it down with water instead of more sugar. It’s that simple, but it’s oh so important to keep your water intake in check.


4.  Portion your candy and other treats


Of course you’re going to eat some Halloween candy, who skips the Halloween candy? From chocolates to candy corns, to whatever is in the bowl on the table or getting tossed into a trick-or-treat bag it’s all game. The treats are really tasty, but if you eat too much too soon you’ll end up with a tummy ache or other issues in the long run. Portion your treats; they aren’t going anywhere and you shouldn’t snack on them if you’re working or watching TV.


5.  Stay safe


While it’s a given that you’ll need to stay safe, pay attention to who’s around you when you’re consuming drinks in particular. All manner of person will be out and about so you need to mind what you eat and drink, and watch the company you keep. Don’t leave your drinks or snacks unattended and above all stay safe when going anywhere.


On a more serious note, safety is one of the biggest concerns on Halloween. Under the guise of Halloween and costumed mayhem, many people walk the streets with all manner of intention. It’s important you develop a strategy to keep your food intake under control, but that you also keep you and yours safe this Halloween.


The last day of October shouldn’t meet you without any options to further your career or to stay certified and qualified. If you need CEC/CEUs we’ve got the courses that fit your needs. From exercise science to nutrition, we’re here to help move you forward.


To check out the Continuing Education courses click the link here and remember to stay safe this Halloween.

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