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3 Practices That Keep Clients Coming Back For More


When discussing the business aspect of this field client retention is an important area to cover. Client retention is about keeping clients coming back for more. Having tons of clients at one or more times might be great, but keeping them can also be a challenge. Your goal is to help your clients achieve their results, but if they don’t stick around you both lose out. You don’t need to be the greatest fit pro to help your clients get results, but it takes a little something to keep them around and push them to their goals.


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Keeping clients means keeping a trusted revenue stream and also builds the reputation of the professional. The big question of client retention is what methods work best? While some will quote science, psychology, marketing practices, and good business habits there are some habits you can’t teach in a classroom.


Here are 3 practices that every professional needs to develop and maintain if they’re going to keep clients coming back for more:


1. Proper communication


What does it mean to practice proper communication? It means clarifying complicated or even simple techniques and theories within your field. It also means expressing yourself clearly and with a sense of professionalism. Communication is the backbone of any relationship even intimate ones. Communicating effectively also means conveying your concerns, expectations, and grievances when needed. If you’re failing to reach your client on some issue it means there’s a breakdown in communication somewhere and that needs to be fixed.


2. Unique Expertise


Every professional should have knowledge of their field, but to truly stand out you have to have a uniqueness that’s magnetic to your clients. No one wants to work with someone they can’t trust and don’t feel confident, likewise no one wants the same cookie-cutter approach. Social media is full of persons and personalities who copy and paste the same routines. What you bring to the table, even if it’s the same routines, has to feel different in some way for them. Whether it’s the way you explain a topic, your warmth, or your attitude, there are people waiting to value your uniqueness.


3. Compassion


Compassion is not something you leave behind in this industry. This is a people driven industry with human hearts and minds at the center. If you don’t care or have compassion for your clients then you’re dead in the water. Compassion is the bridge that often aids communication and can ring the proverbial bell for people struggling and in need of the support. Without compassion this industry is nothing; care about your clients and their needs, and it will pay off for both parties.


Show you care by going the extra mile for your clients. You can help your clients understand how their posture impacts their body alignment and could lead to injury. People love when you’re vigilant and that’s why our NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ program was created; it’s to provide care for others when they aren’t even aware they need it.


Click the link to access the program: NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™

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