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3 Critical Reasons Why You Need to Fix Your Clients' Posture


Everywhere you go, you can just about always see someone doing something questionable with their body alignment. You can’t really blame them because so many aren’t aware of their body alignment and how what they’re doing consistently affects them in the long run. Millions of Americans suffer from all sorts of pain based problems like lower back pain and neck pain, but just aren’t aware of what’s causing it.


3 Critical Reasons Why You Need to Fix Your Clients' Posture


It’s imperative that people all over the United States, and the world, learn more about their posture and how their activities affect it. Many don’t take the topic seriously. It’s not something you speak about on a regular basis; most people, upon hearing the term, usually straighten up or sit at attention only to slump back to their comfortable bad posture later on. One of the biggest pieces to the puzzle that we often miss is the idea that posture is also a habit and the way we perform our activities impacts it.


How long have you been sitting today? Think about it. There’s a good chance you’re sitting as you read this. Now check your shoulders and neck, were you slumping forward? How often do you think you do this on a normal basis? While you may not have the exact answer to that question, it may surprise you just thinking about how often you do this and don’t realize it. Think about your clients, if you, the savvy professional, could be caught off guard then they might really need some guidance in that area.


Can you give your client’s guidance? If not, I have something that can help with that later, but regardless, I’m calling on you, the fitness & health based professional, to be the guide they need. Teach them about their body and most importantly their posture. Discuss with them the importance of maintaining proper alignment and how the latter could harm them.


You can begin with outlining their behaviors and habits. Just as you no doubt have thought about fixing your own body’s alignment, so too can they learn to do this and you’ll be the one to help them develop a better awareness of the subject. Some of them will feel like it’s no big deal, because they don’t think it’s important. So much of the health industry is focused on medicines, pills, and special techniques that we forget the simple things. Behavioral change and small, but persistent, modifications can mean the world for someone.


Here are few reasons you should help fix their posture:

  1. It affects mood and inspires confidence
  2. Reduce risk of injuries
  3. Reduced risk of pain based conditions like lower back and neck pain

There are many more reasons, but I wanted to focus on just these three. First, who doesn’t want to look confident? Stick your chest out and hold your head up, not only will it affect your mood, but it feels pretty great. They say your body language impacts your mood, so when you’re feeling down, I dare you to stand confidently and smile, and pay attention to how that makes you feel.


Next, fixing your posture can reduce the risk of injuries. Poor posture usually leads to tight and sometimes shortened muscles. This could be nothing, or it could lead to a major tinge in your back the next time you simply turn at your desk to grab something. It’s happened to many people and it could happen to your clients too.


Lastly, the reduced risk of problems like lower back and neck pain is probably one of the most serious reasons. How many people can say they have fantastic posture and lower back pain? While there may be some, that number is few. Those two things don’t normally go together, because for many their terrible body alignment and poor postural habits have contributed to their problem. If you constantly performed tasks in poor alignment, it’s going to affect you and soon, it could mean terrible and nagging pain in areas you wish would go away.


So, remember I mentioned giving your client’s guidance? It’s important you know how. Arm yourself with the tools to create change with our NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ program. I’m leaving the link below so you can access it at your convenience. I hope this message has reached you in a way that will inspire you to check and change your body alignment for the better. Remember, you can help others too, but only if you know how, here’s the link for our NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™.

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