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Trak Fitness has formed an Educational Partnership with the National Posture Institute (NPI), providing Certificate Programs, Onsite Posture Analysis CEC & Resistance Training Workshops, and a variety of educational products for health/fitness professionals.


National Posture Institute Certificate Programs

NPI-Certified Posture Specialist (CPS) Program

Instructor Facilitated & Non- Instructor Facilitated

NPI-Certified Resistance Training Professional (RTP) Program

NPI-Certified Goniometry Specialist (CGS) Program

NPI's Career Development Instructor Led Certificate Programs

All Certificate Programs are approved by the American College of Sports Medicine & more

  • Personal Fitness Training/Advanced Personal Fitness Training
  • Fitness Business Management
  • Older Adult Personal Training & Group Exercise Training
  • Women's Exercise Training and Wellness

Nutrition Specialization Instructor Led Certificate Programs

All certificate programs are approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/CDR, ACSM & more

  • Certificate in Functional Nutrition
  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition and Performance
  • Certificate in Family Nutrition
  • Certificate in School Nutrition and Wellness
Online CEC Courses-Earn CECs/CEUs Online - (up to 20 CECs per course)

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Onsite College-University Posture Analysis CEC

& Resistance Training Workshops

Workshop Approved for CEUs & CECs by ACE, ACSM, NASM, NSCA, NATA-BOC, PHYSICAL THERAPY STATES and more! This 1-Day or 2-Day workshop teaches health/fitness professionals to assess, correct, and educate their clients in all areas of posture, body alignment, and resistance training.

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NPI's Educational Products and Career Advancement Programs


NPI provides a variety of products to aid professionals to perform posture assessment and correction programs for creating a successful posture-based health/fitness model. 

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