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In an effort to spread awareness about posture and body alignment, the National Posture Institute has established the month of July as International Posture Awareness Month!  In addition, NPI will be conducting a search to award one individual with the title of NPI’s 2012 International Perfect Posture Person of the Year!

2012 Contest Recipient will be Awarded:

  • The title:  NPI’s 2012 International Perfect Posture Person of the Year
  • Access to either our Online NPI Certified Posture Specialist Program or our Online NPI Public Posture Program
  • An NPI Posture Grid with Grommets
  • Highlighted in an upcoming NPI Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter!
  • FREE registration to the SCW Conference in Atlanta, GA

Contest Details

  • Contestants can be from the United States or from countries around the world 
  • Contestant Submission begins February 1, 2012
  • Deadline Submission of July 1, 2012
  • Top 5 will be announced between July 1-15, 2012, with the winner being announced by July 31st.
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Submit Video following Instructions (See Below)
  • If submission instructions are not followed, submission will not be accepted
  • Winner will be determined by the Voting Public and Judges Vote from July 1-15 from the TOP 5 Candidates:
    • 1/3 Public Vote
    • 2/3 Judges Vote, NPI’s International Perfect Posture Judges
  • By submitting a video to NPI you agree to the rules and regulations outlined on this page, in addition to those found by CLICKING HERE.

Submission Instructions

  • Record 2-3 Minute Video
  • Video should be uploaded to Youtube or comparable video upload system.  and email us the link to your video with your First and Last Name at:  contest@npionline.org  
  • Clothing to be worn should be tight fitting (Example: clothing made of Spandex material) and revealing of joint structures (Shoulders, Knees, Ankles)
    • Men
      • Top:  Either a Tank Top, Sleeveless T-Shirt, or Shirtless
      • Bottom:  Shorts that are no longer than mid-thigh
    • Women
      • Top:  Either a Tank Top, Sleeveless T-Shirt, or Sports Bra
      • Bottom:  Shorts that are no longer than mid-thigh
  • Examples what not to wear - Sweatshirt/Baggy Shirts/Long shorts/pants
  • No footwear and socks.
  • Video must show entire body head to toe.
  • Must stand in a relaxed position - Do not try to fix/correct your posture for the video; we will be able to tell!
  • Record 15 seconds of each view:
    • 1-Anterior (Front)
    • 2-Posterior (Back)
    • 3-Lateral (Right)
    • 4-Lateral (Left).
  • Questions to answer in the video:
    • What was your motivation to want to incorporate posture into your life?
    • What do you to do incorporate/maintain your posture throughout the day and in your life?

How Winner is Chosen

The winner will be chosen based off the following criteria:

  • Overall Posture, based off an analysis of the Anterior, Posterior and both Lateral Views
  • Muscular balance and skeletal alignment
  • How well they maintain posture during their video
  • How they answer the two questions above and incorporate Posture into their lives


A word from the Executive Director



Contact us at:  contest@npionline.org or call 574-849-1281 to speak with a representative. 



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